Wazifa For Mohabbat 5/5 (10)

Wazifa For Mohabbat

Wazifa For Mohabbat

Wazifa For Mohabbat use for getting shohar ki mohabbat and in urdu its called mohabbat ka wazifa wazifa for love. Our expert given you fully tested islamic wazifa for jaiz mohabbat.

Nazima was a beautiful daughter of Akbar. She had completed her education in IT, and now Akbar was trying to find a perfect groom for his daughter. Finally, he got one.

Mujaahid was a great businessman, and his parents too were searching for a perfect bride for him. Their surname was khan. Khan family had their family business of garments. And nazima’s family liked them.

Wazifa For Mohabbat
Wazifa For Mohabbat

Nazima said, she would like to date him first then she will decide whether they both are a good fit for each other or not. So they started dating. Nazima was very excited. Mujaahid always used to bring flowers, chocolate, various gifts for nazima on her every date.

She used to feel so pampered. Mujaahid also secretly asked her to get into a private place so that they can explore each other more. Nazima had started liking him, and she complied. Now they frequently started meeting secretly and privately.

Now nazima wanted mujaahid to love her purely so that he can marry her. She didn’t know how to make it happen, so she went to molvi ji. He gave her wazifa for Mohabbat. She was determined and persistent.  She did everything that molvi ji told her.

He has asked her to have a separate red color diary in which she can write down the wazifa for Mohabbat 1200 times. She did, and one-day mujaahid proposed her. She said yes, and then they confirmed parent that they are ready to marry each other. And soon they decided on a date and married.

Wazifa For Shohar Ki Mohabbat

They went for a honeymoon at Manali. Nazima was enjoying a lot. Soon she got pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl. Later mujaahid started thinking of a second marriage. Nazima wasn’t happy with his decision, but she was okay.

For the entire honeymoon period of mujaahid with his second wife, nazima was alone. Their stay extended by six days. Mujahid used to spend most of the time with her. It’s been weeks, but still, she wasn’t getting pregnant, so mujaahid was more focused towards her.

Finally, she conceived. He again turned to nazima as his second wife was pregnant. Nazima started enjoying her life back. She used to be very happy. Later mujahid’s second wife gave birth to a baby boy. Then soon mujahid turned to his second wife and used to care less about nazima.

Nazima didn’t know what to do. She tried many things, but they weren’t working. She started being depressed day by day. That made her more uninteresting making mujahid to repel from her more. So she went to molvi ji and asked him to do something so that she can gain her husband’s attention back to her. Molvi ji gave her wazifa for shohar ki Mohabbat.

That wazifa was so powerful that mujahid started being with nazima more. So much that nazima was not being able to cope up with it sometimes. He sometimes used to stay home without going to the office to be able to spend time with nazima. Wazifa for shohar ki Mohabbat had worked wonders.

Mohabbat Ka Wazifa Wazifa For Love

Salem was a great poet. His poetry was famous in his college. He was a science student, but he was very good at writing poems. Once a girl came to her and complimented her with a little long hug, and that’s how she remembered her. Now, that girl started listening to more of his poems as he used to say those in front of his friends. Salem learned that her name was arzoo. She was an art student, and she was impressed with his poetry skills.

She was a cute looking girl. Salem decided to ask her out. One day he was staying late to the college due to his assignments, he asked whether she would like to accompany him. Arzoo said okay. Later when his task was finished, he took her to a coffee shop. And that’s how their dating started. They realized that they live in the neighborhood only. So they started coming together to the college on Salem’s bike.

It’s been a month that they have been together now Salem wanted this to convert into love. He was trying hard, but there seemed only liking between them. And she used to talk with other boys as well. So Salem developed a confusion as well as concern.

So he consulted an astrologer. He gave him Mohabbat ka wazifa wazifa for love. He felt a bit relieved. The astrologer said when you will use Mohabbat ka wazifa wazifa for love, you will undoubtedly get the girl and her love for a lifetime. And Salem started experiencing the effect.

Islamic Wazifa For Jaiz Mohabbat

Here arzoo started getting more and more attracted towards him. Suddenly all other boys at college started looking inferior to Salem. She started waiting for him to leave college so that she can go with him on his bike to way back home. This was her trick to spend as much time as she can with him. Even on weekends, she used to call him for study purposes, and they used to meet in a cafeteria in their area.

She started feeling love towards him. But arzoo had trust issues. She wanted a pure enjoyment from his side. Arzoo didn’t want to get cheated upon by Salem. She wanted to be sure that he loved her. So she went to ask for a remedy to an astrologer. Astrologer listened to her wish and all the background of Salem. After that, he gave her Islamic wazifa for jaiz Mohabbat.

She got happy that now she has got something firm to make things happen in her love life. Spice in their dating life had increased. Salem started spending more and more time with her. He used to help her with almost everything. Salem used to care for her. Sometimes also used to come and meet her parents. Now, arzoo’s parents too were knowing Salem as arzoo’s friend.

One day arzoo’s bell rang, she opened and saw parents of Salem along with Salem. They had come to meet arzoo’s parents to ask their daughter in marriage. Arzoo started crying; she was so happy. She hugged Salem. Islamic wazifa for jaiz Mohabbat had worked.

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