Dua To Get Lost Girlfriend Back 5/5 (11)

Dua To Get Lost Girlfriend Back

Dua To Get Lost Girlfriend Back

Dua to get lost girlfriend back is a strong dua that work for girlfriend to come back again, you can use this dua for girlfriend love back. we will provide you powerful dua to make girlfriend love you.

Kareem was a very talented guy. He had his own digital marketing firm. He also had hired a couple of interns to work for him. Everything was going well. One day he saw a new family got shifted in their society. In those four people family, there were mom-dad and his age girl and her younger brother. John finds the girl very sweet.

Dua To Get Lost Girlfriend Back
Dua To Get Lost Girlfriend Back

His mom used to talk to her mom. He learned that the girl’s name was Tanvi. He started visiting their house with some of the other reason. Tanvi realized that there is something.

Tanvi too found John attractive. They began meeting in society in the evening while playing badminton. They now used to meet every day. Hence, both of them got too close to each other over some time. And eventually, they fell in love and got into a relationship.

All friends of Kareem got to about this. Even Tanvi liked the fact that she has a boyfriend like Kareem. Everything was going perfect. It’s been a while that they were in a relationship now. Suddenly one day he got a call from Tanvi. And she said she likes somebody else from her workplace, so she does not want to keep the relationship going further.

Kareem’s heart got wrenched. He didn’t know what to say. At least he felt lucky enough that his girlfriend was straightforward. But he was not ready to accept the reality.

Somebody told her to try dua to get lost girlfriend back. So he went to a Molvi Ji that his friend suggested. Molvi ji gave him dua to get lost girlfriend again.

Dua For Girlfriend To Come Back Again

Before molvi ji gave him dua for girlfriend to come back again, he had told Molvi ji everything about him and Tanvi. Molvi ji understood everything.

He checked Kareem’s horoscope. He was Taurus. Molvi ji got more close to the idea about what kind of dua would be most suitable for Kareem. He asked him to show his palm to him.

Molvi ji saw two big lines were crossing each other just below his middle finger. He knew what the meaning of this was. Also, Molvi ji saw two bumps just below the right-hand downward corner of that cross.

After studying all this, Molvi ji gave Kareem dua for girlfriend to come back again. Finally, Kareem got back home. He recalled Molvi Ji’s words. He has to chant this dua on every Friday at the last namaz of the day. This namaz would be almost either at the time of sunset or after the time of evening because night will give the best results for this love problem-related dua.

Friday is a holy day in Islam. There is a belief that whatever prayers, duas or wazifas you chant on this day, work wonders for you. He did everything as told by Molvi Ji and guess what? He got a call from Tanvi in about a month or so. She wanted to meet him and did not tell him the reason.

She told him that the guy was not right for her. He faked his love for her, and due to his money, she got attracted to him. But he did not love her; he was just lustful. So Tanvi said that she has realized her mistake now and want to get back with Kareem.

Dua For Girlfriend Love Back

Zaiyan was a very spiritual being. He used to pray to Allah every day. Also, he used to follow all those Islamic rules. He had a girlfriend for three years. They were a pleasing couple. Her name was maggi. She was a catholic christian and was a lovely girl. Being the only daughter of his rich father, she was very naughty and used to have many mood swings.

One day she told to zaiyan let’s breakup. At first, he thought she is joking, but even the next day she said the same thing. Zaiyan was aware of her mood swings and naughtiness. He said okay to with the flow, without taking it much seriously. She happily hugged him. Their talk was healthy and everything. After their meeting, she went home.

Next day when he tried talking to her, she didn’t receive his call, didn’t respond to his text. The whole day went, but she didn’t revert. Next day the same thing happened. Zaiyan had so much patience. He waited for an entire week. Still, there was no contact from maggi. Then he asked her friend; she told him maggi is dating some other guy.

That was like a massive shock for Zaiyan. He didn’t know what to do. He was planning to marry Maggi. As he was getting more and more depressed, he went to a baba near his mosque. This baba gave him dua for girlfriend love back. He did not have much faith in this bab, but just out of desperation he went and accepted this dua for girlfriend love back.

Dua To Make Girlfriend Love You

Zaiyan came back home. Most of the things baba told him, he has always been following regularly, so it didn’t feel much of a stress to him. Being a strict Islam follower, all these things were a routine for him.

Baba had told him to wear white clothes only. Do not have any metal on the body. Do not have any thread tied to your boy. Always wear the kind of clothes which would not show your body shape.

Baba has asked him to use a feather of a peacock. Take a saffron and wheat flour. Make a paste adding water to saffron and the wheat flour. Dip the tip of peacock feather into it and use a banana tree leaf to use as a paper. Write this dua to make girlfriend love you on it using that paste as ink and the sheet as a paper.

Now, you have to wash this leaf with as much less water as you can that would vanish all the letters of dua to make girlfriend love you, written on the leaf. Make sure the water you use is lukewarm drinking water. Do not forget to collect all the water in a container. No, wait for the sunset.

After your final namaz of the day, consume this water and do not eat anything one hour after that. He did like that, next day maggi’s friend called him and told maggi is feeling so guilty that she couldn’t call you, and now she wants to meet you. Zaiyan went to meet maggi. When she saw him, she started crying and hugged zaiyan. They got back together.

Sifli Amal For Love Back

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