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Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy


Wazifa To Destroy Enemy provide you complete solution to Keep The Enemy Away or Make Enemy Sick, in urdu you can called it Surah Kausar To Destroy Enemy. By using this wazifa you can Make An Enemy Friend or Make Enemy Silent, it also use to Defeat The Enemy. our tested wazifa Protect From Enemy and Punish The Enemy, try it and Get Rid Of Enemy.

When you are engaged in any field of activity, your progress may be impeded by others in the same field and you will not know how to beat them and rise above. The title may make you feel some violence is involved in destroying those against you. But that is not the case or the intention.

The way for you to succeed and move ahead of your enemies is by raising your fortunes through the correct wazifa. If you are able to get hold of the wazif and recite it as recommended, you will find that your enemy is practically destroyed and you have succeeded in your field of business or even employment.

Learn to Calm Yourself Even if Provoked

Many people face situations where the rival who you consider your enemy could provoke you. If you know who your enemy is and he dares you openly, you can lose your cool and say something which is advisable to avoid.

It is natural for you to get angry too; but by speaking out loud you don’t stand to benefit in any way. Your anger must remain inside you and should be expressed in the commitment you show while reciting the wazifa.

Recommended Wazifa to Destroy the Enemy

As mentioned, if your enemy is formidable and throwing a challenge at you then you need a powerful wazifa to destroy him. The following is one set of recommendation:

  • You must first recite the Durood Shareef 100 times
  • The next to be recited is the Surah Ikhlas and this must be done 400 times
  • Finally, you must recite the Durood Shareef for 100 times

But you must always keep in your mind that the wazifa have to be recided with all sincerity. You cannot take it for granted that you just read these so many times and your wishes are granted.

One of the basic requirements is that you must pray to Allah to before and after you recite the wazifa and place your wish before Him that you would want to destroy your enemy. And all through your reciting the Surahs and Durood, a corner of your mind must keep the enemy in focus, to ensure the maximum effect of the wazifa.

An Alternate Wazifa to Destroy Enemy

The above is not the only solution to destroy your enemy through wazifa. There is one more recommendation as below.

There is a very simple one-line Surah, the Surah al-Qamar, 54:10 which you will have to recite 786 times. The original Surah is obviously in Arabic and the English version is like this:

O Allah! I am overpowered, so help me.

It is more a dua than anything else and is credited to HazratNuha’laihissalam. But, like in the other wazifa, there is a ritual or a procedure to be followed.

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

There is the Durood Shareef which is included in the above Wazifa as well, which you have to recite thrice before you start this then offer two rakats of Salah.

After that only you go ahead the say the above dua 786 times. After saying the dua, you must recite the Durood Shareef another three times to complete the wazifa.

All through the ritual never forget to pray to Allah and mention that your dua and wazifa are meant for the destruction of your enemy.

Need to Follow the Basic Tenets of Amal, Dua, Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

In Islam, certain practices have been recommended as compulsory and many others advised to be followed. You must follow these tenets if you want your wazif to destroy enemy to succeed. Allah only comes to the rescue of his devotees who otherwise follow his commands. If you are not clear on what is being discussed here, consider these as important:

1. You must, without fail offer salah and be truthful
2. If you are running a business, ensure you don’t earn any
money through illegal means
3. Don’t commit sins and don’t hurt your fellow Muslims
4. Stay away from any habits which have been described as
5. You must have the full faith in God as the ultimate savior
if you want to succeed.


If these all these are being met, then there are a few general instructions that need to be observed while doing wazifa to destroy enemy. Some have been added to the procedures above. But the below mentioned aspects have to be kept in view:

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

1. It is advisable to start your wazifa on a Thursday
2. Keep yourself completely clean as you would do before a
3. When you are doing the procedures or reciting the Surahs,
face the direction of the Kaaba Shareef
4. Keep the information confidential and don’t let anyone know
what you are up to
5. Don’t mix two objectives at a time. If it is wazifa to
destroy enemy it should be only that and nothing else
should be combined
6. You must surrender yourself completely to Allah; pray to
him before and after the wazifa and whenever you can. Only
He can help you get away from your enemies and succeed
7. Ensure the verses are pronounced correctly, particularly
the Quranic verses; if you have difficulty, take help from
an Aleem nearby and recite in front of him to be sure you
are getting it right

Agencies Offering Help to Perform Wazifa to Destroy Enemy

Many of the suggested wazifa can be performed by you after understanding the procedures without any help from anyone. The only challenges are if you don’t know the language well. There are Muslims all over the world whose mother tongues may be different and they may not have learnt Arabic.

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

As suggested above, you can seek the help of someone who is an expert in the language as well as the Islamic practices. But if even this is not happening, there are some agencies which help with the practice of wazifa to destroy enemy. They may offer a variety of services. It is for you to choose what you actually need and be benefited. You may just have to share your troubles and they will show the way out.

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

Every individual must have good people around him/her. When you have good people you will have a chance to create a good environment, when you create a good environment you can lead your life towards the successful path.

When you have success in your life you will be the happiest and luckiest person in the world. Not all will get everything in their lives that the wish, but living in a good environment is really good for you and your family.

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

Sometimes directly or indirectly you will create enemies in your life. some of your enemies will have short term revenge and they will not bother about you more but some will be very dangerous and their full-time work is to destroy you. In this case, they will become an irremovable thorny bush in your way.

They create hurdle in each and every step that you keep. They always stay behind you and try to create inconvenience in everything. If this is the issue it will be very difficult for you to lead your life in a good way. However, no one can stay and lead their own life by thinking about other and their plans on your life.

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

It is very important for you to take appropriate decision to remove the thorny bush permanently and to lead your life happily. Your enemy will not stop creating problems for you in just one sitting of talk, and even they will not change their mind forever.

The only thing that can help you to destroy your enemy is the wazifa to destroy an enemy. The wazifa to destroy an enemy is the most powerful thing that will completely destroy your enemy and their tactics on you.

Wazifa To Keep The Enemy Away

Wazifa To Keep The Enemy Away, It is not very sure that everyone will have only friends and good people around them in their lives. You will realize the nature of good people only when there are bad people around you. Enemies are quite common in everyone’s life.

These days even a school going kids have enemies. When they grow as adults the real enmity starts between them. It is really not good. Even though, you are so good people will not like your goodness and well being.

therefore they will decide themselves and start creating troubles in your life. If you have very dangerous enemies in your life, you must take proper action to destroy them or you must control them.

It is really very difficult for a normal person to tolerate the difficulties, torture or hurdles created by their enemies.  They are really jealous of your happy family, career, richness etc. to put an end for all your happiness they create many hurdles.

They plan to stop each and every step of you and they will never allow you to make decisions that are good for you both in career and family wise. Here is the wazifa to keep the enemy away from your life, this is the most powerful wazifa which will really keep your enemy out of you.

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick, You all live in a society which is occupied by both good and bad people. To be frank no one is really bad in this world. The situation and the circumstances make them bad and they will develop enmity in their hearts. Everyone is born with a tender and merciful heart only the thing that spoils their mind is greediness and selfish nature.

Somehow if you are good that is really a fortunate thing for your family and friends. However, few people around you are not so good, they are jealous of you because of your growth in both professional and personal life.

When they feel jealous of you they will try to disturb you in each and every step of your life. they will not seriously wish the wellness of you. Their full-time business is to destroy you, in this case, what will you do? It is always very important for you to be alert in your life because you must know who is what and what they are doing behind you.

Some of the tricks and plans created by enemies to spoil you will totally ruin up your entire life both professional and personal. Even your enemies want the same; they wanted you to get destroyed both professionally and personally. Your enemies will never become tired in their attempts of destroying you because the only aim of their life is to destroy you.

This is the strong wazifa which will easily destroy your enemy or makes your enemy fall sick. When they become sick they will forget thinking about you and they will be busy with their lives to save them.

Perform this wazifa at the same time every day and recite the above line 1100 times by keeping the photograph of your enemy. at the end blow on your enemy picture, he will fall sick in no period.

Surah Kausar To Destroy Enemy

Surah Kausar To Destroy Enemy, Anybody can become your enemy, sometimes your best friend or your close relative can become your enemy because you have got married to a nice and rich person.

Even your colleagues in your professional space will not like your growth in professional life, the close friend or your own boss will become your enemy. You cannot really say who will become what according to the circumstances.

Sometime your own siblings will become your indirect enemy because you have achieved great things in your life such as wealth, money, name, fame and good people. Therefore you cannot really assume who will become what in your life. Whatever it is you must be always alert and stay strong in your life to face all these types of consequences.

The Islam religion teaches you to even love the people who are causing harm to you but you cannot keep on tolerating everything throughout your life. There is a serious limit for everything in your life. The same Islam tells to put an end for enemy activity if they reach the extreme level. Here is the dua to destroy your enemy and stop him from thinking about you completely.

You must start reading this wazifa during Saturday or Tuesday at morning 6’O clock. First you must read namaz and then after completing the namaz prayer you must read “ya hayyu ya qayyumu, birahmatika astagheesu” 100 times. After completing finally you must read this dua.

Wazifa To Make An Enemy Friend

Wazifa To Make An Enemy Friend, Non-violence is really good for you, your family and society. Practicing non-violence in your life will take you to a good and successful path. You can really achieve anything through non-violence.

However, these days people will never believe in peace and non-violence, they always prefer to fight each other even for a simple and silly reason.

This is really not good we are humans and we live in a society.  It is really very important for every individual to lead a peaceful life without any difficulties. Even everyone love to lead a simple and peaceful life.

Every individual is really good; they will not try to harm the people knowingly. The things may change them if you have enemies in your life just think for what reason they have created enmity on you.

If the reason is not so serious you can seriously solve the issues by talking to them. sometimes the reasons will be very serious that you cannot control the situation and your enemies will keep on planning tricks to destroy you.

If you are one who is facing troubles due to your enemies, here is an amazing way to put an end for all types of problems created by your enemies.

The wazifa to make the enemy friend is an amazing solution which will help you to make your enemy as friends. If your enemy becomes a friend for you, he /she will never think of destroying you. Here is the wazifa to make enemy as a friend.

When you perform this wazifa on your enemy name sure he/she will become your friend and they will never think of harming you. The god will change the mind of your enemy and he/she will become totally a different person. They will start thinking very honest and loyal in their lives.

Wazifa To Make Enemy Silent

Wazifa To Make Enemy Silent, It is always very important to keep an end for all the harmful activities created by your enemies. The only work of your enemies is to disturb you or to create hurdles in each and every step that you keep.

They will never tolerate the well being and good development of you in your life.  nobody will become your enemy sometimes it is your close relative or your own sibling or your close friend will become your enemy due to various reason.

For example, if you have great development in your life and if you have traveled overseas and earned enough money to keep your family happy they will never like it. In the same way, if you have achieved great things in your professional life your close friend in your office will become your enemy because he/she doesn’t like your development.

There many so many cases happened like this. In this case, they will always think about you and they will keep on planning about how to destroy you. It is really not good to stay quite even after knowing all these things in your life you must take proper action to put an end for all these types of activities of your enemies.

The above-mentioned wazifa is the most powerful wazifa which will completely put an end for all the activities of your enemy that they have created against you.

Once you recite this wazifa against your enemy sure he/she will stay away from you and be silent. They will never think of harming you again in your life.

Wazifa To Defeat The Enemy

Use Wazifa To Defeat The Enemy, Islamic wazifa re amazing and can do anything in the universe. Wazifa to defeat the enemy is the most powerful wazifa which will completely defeat your enemy. The people who believe in tic for tack can use this wazifa to defeat their enemies. This wazifa is highly helpful in keeping your enemies away from you.

You cannot surely agree that the people surrounded by you are so good and they are your good wishers and friends. And You can easily trust the direct enemy who fights with you in each and every single step of your life but it is really difficult to trust the person who acts well in front of you and executes all the nasty things behind you.

can develop enemies in your life for various reasons. Enemies in life are very common for every individual especially the people who are very successful in both professional and personal life. If you have a very good and happy family your relatives are the enemies for you.

If you have a very good career then your crew members or other colleagues are the enemies for you. You cannot really find out who is what and what they are doing behind you to destroy you. Here is the wazifa to defeat your enemy, by reciting this wazifa against your enemies you can easily defeat them and stay happy in your life.

This is the dua of Hazrat Nuh a’laihissalam. When you recite this dua your enemies are defeated by you and this is the most powerful and wonderful dua to keep your enemy out.

While reciting offer two rakats of salah and read the dua 786 times and pray Allah to eliminate or defeat your enemy. Finally read Durood-e-Shareef 3 times before and after.

Wazifa To Protect From Enemy

Wazifa To Protect From Enemy, It is very difficult for a common man to tolerate the disturbance created by his/her enemies. Nobody in this world was born with cruel intention and heart the things that will change their mind is the situation and circumstances. You must be alert to know about your surrounding especially when you are growing in your life.

Every person when they are attaining great growth in their lives simultaneously they will develop their enemies. Growth and enemies are like twins both come together and the most important thing is that it is highly unpredictable.

According to you, you will think that you are a person with a good nature and you will not have time to see who is doing what for you in your life. So you will not care more about the people who are surrounded by you.

But look before you leap, there are always a group of people who wish to destroy you completely and they are your enemies. Sometimes you close relative will become your dangerous enemy because they don’t want you to develop in your life.

If the enemy is an outer person you can easily defeat or destroy them just think if the enemy is your own brother or sister or your best friend what will you do?

You cannot defeat or destroy them and what is the way to put an end for all these things. Here is the best solution to protect yourself from your enemies. The wazifa to protect from enemies will save you from your enemies tricks and tactics.

Wazifa To Punish The Enemy

Wazifa To Punish The Enemy, It is really difficult for anyone to tolerate all the nasty things and hurdles created by their enemies in one way or another way they must try to put an end for all the issues and hurdles created by their enemies.

really enough of being quiet for all the things that your enemy have done for you. It is very important for you to act fast and put an end for all the hurdles created by your enemy.

It is highly impossible to request your enemy to stop all the nonsense and there no use also. They will never try to stop disturbing you because they think that they have born to destroy you.

Here are the amazing solution and a great way to teach your enemy a perfect lesson. Perform this wazifa against your enemy, by performing this wazifa sure Allah will punish your enemy.

You must start reading this wazifa during Saturday or Tuesday at morning 6’O clock. First, you must read namaz and then after completing the namaz prayer you must read “ya hayyu ya qayyumu, birahmatika astagheesu” 100 times. After completing finally you must read this dua.

Wazifa To Get Rid Of Enemy

wazifa to get rid of enemies, this is the most powerful wazifa which will completely keep your enemy out of you. Once if you perform this wazifa against your enemies, they will completely stay away from you and stop thinking about you.

The Islamic wazifa is really so powerful and can do whatever you wish. Only thing is you must perform the wazifa in a perfect manner to achieve good results.

Enemies are most common in everyone’s life. In one way or other way, everyone will have enemies in our life. Only thing is you must be very careful before stepping into any type of activity.

When you are experiencing the worst problems due to enemies, you must consider the things very serious and you must act fast to put an end for the problem. you cannot keep on facing the troubles and hurdles caused by your enemies.

No one in this world loves to face the troubles caused by their enemies. Sometimes you cannot realize what is happening in your life, though you are so good, you will face problems due to your goodness.

Because people don’t like the way you behave, they think that your goodness will take to the peak of success and they wanted to break our success. For this, they will try to put several hurdles on your way.

When you know that the particular person is your enemy and creating so much of disturbance in your life you must take necessary action to keep them away from your life. it is always not good to keep these type of people near you.

This is always a dangerous thing and you will never know what the outcome of this act is. If you want to get rid of your enemies here is an amazing wazifa to get rid of your enemies.

Wazifa To Make Someone Sick

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