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Dua For Wife To Come Back Home

Dua For Wife To Come Back Home

Dua For Wife To Come Back Home, Allah wants his children to live in peace and harmony. He has devised ways for us to come together and stay together. But we often deviate from his path and end up creating a rift in our relationships.

Dua For Wife To Come Back Home
Dua For Wife To Come Back Home

Yes, in today’s world, relationships cause incredible pain. Especially, when there’s an EGO clash between two individuals. This happens mostly between young couples where both try to prove their point to each other.

As a Husband, you are conditioned to act more aggressively. You indulge in words and actions that cause incredible pain to your wife. You put her in a spot where she has no other option than to walk away from you.

But then, as time passes, the anger in you subsides. realize that your reaction to the particular incident was uncalled for. recall all the good moments. miss your wife’s presence and it dawns upon you, that you want her back.

Now, you can stick to your male EGO and let it ruin a beautiful relationship or can evolve to an understanding that happiness is in keeping any relationship, not breaking them. You need to delve in your heart and find out if you really can throw away the relationship over the particular issue.

dua for my wife to come back

If you want your wife to come back home, there are ways you can mend your relationship and get your wife to come back home. But whatever you do, you need to be genuine in your desire to get your wife back. If your instincts are right, your wife will appreciate it.

There are times the situation has gone so bad that it has turned the once beautiful emotions, sour. Naturally, in such cases, neither apologies nor gifts; neither honesty nor humor.

When all else fail, turn to Allah. The one who got you into this world, helped you find a wife, might help you get her back all over again. But even Allah asks for sincerity. So, whether you kneel, bow or just fold your hands, if there’s no sincerity in your prayers, even the god wouldn’t bother helping you.

Dua For Wife To Come Back Home
Dua For Wife To Come Back Home

There’s an old saying – An honest “dua” (prayer) can move mountains. And history is a testament to this wisdom.  So, if you feel all roads have closed on you, turn to the sky, plead to the god. Make a sincere dua to get your wife back home, ask for her forgiveness, assure her happiness and express your will to have her back.

Dua For Wife To Come Back Home
Dua For Wife To Come Back Home

A dua when performed sincerely, results in an action where you are surrendering to your core nature. It instills in you a hope that the result will be positive. And that positive conditioning is what brings about the change in our reality.

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, you know in your heart that a dua is the most powerful way to seek Allah’s guidance and help.  You can’t ignore the power of a sincere dua.

If you are a husband who is pining for his wife, then shed your doubts aside, kneel, bow and surrender to the miracle of dua. With utmost sincerity, close your eyes and let the universe mend the broken relationship for you.


The Quran has several verses that contain some powerful wazifa dua to make your wife come back home.  You can use any of the dua listed below.

Consult your local priest or Talk to other men in your community, you will realize many husbands have gone through similar situations. They too have tried this dua to get the wife back home.

However, if you want to use this dua to get your wife back home, you need to follow the instructions religiously. After the farznamaz of esha, plead Allah to fulfill your dua to get your wife back home, by reciting this wazifa  500 times a day. The dua helps dissolve issues between married couples and brings them close allowing them to make a fresh start.

  • Ya Allah taetini ma ‘urid

If your wife is too angry on you, and you want her to forgive you, then for good measure, use this dua to get your angry wife to return home. Recite this dua 11 times through the day.

  • Durood Sharif

If you have followed the system and recited this dua to get your wife back correctly, you will see that within weeks, even days, she would return to you.

dua for my wife to come back to me

If for any reason, you believe the dua to get your wife back home is not working, then consult your local Maulvi, who will guide you on what you can do. But even the priests or Allah himself can do just so much to save his children. It is ultimately in our hands to live happily.

A dua can bring back your wife, but to keep her with you, you need to work on your nature too. For a husband and wife to live in harmony, both need to adapt to each other’s emotional needs.

Live your life in the shadow of Allah. Be an evolved person. Love and share happiness. And you will realize there will never be a reason to use another dua to get your wife back home.

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