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Dua For Sukoon In Life

Dua For Sukoon In Life

Dua for sukoon in life is most impotent dua for peace of mind and heart, it made for happiness in life. If you want peace of soul then get this dua to our expert and enjoy peaceful life.

Nowadays, there is too much stress in everyone’s life. Sometimes pressure goes to so much extent that you start feeling like you want to leave everything and go somewhere away from all this to get some peace. Life could be very hectic at times.

Dua For Sukoon In Life
Dua For Sukoon In Life

Your job could be hectic. Furthermore, people problems in life could be very stressful. Kids, family members like parents, wife, colleagues, bosses, etc. could be a source of the disturbance. Things might not go well. Another reason could be, your loved ones could be ill, or even you could be stuck due to your illness.

You could be going through a major setback in your business, your career. That also increase stress levels drastically. Similarly, sometimes if coupled with other health conditions, stress could be the leading cause of various disease in the human body. So, it is crucial to maintain your stress level at a reasonable level. Well, our creator can help in this situation. Here is a dua for sukoon in life:

‘Hamidah sami’ lakal rahim ladhina rabbil ‘alamin wa laad dhallin wudu al-ka’bah qiyaam an’amta kufuwan ahad wal lahu iyyaka yulad samad allahus.’

 The translation of this dua could be something like this, Hey the most gracious, pity me. I am your servant; you are my creator. Please bestow me with your benedictions. I seek peace (sukoon) in life. Please show your grace.

This dua for sukoon in life is a very intense type of dua. It can get you immediate results in your life. There is no age, gender limit about who can use this dua.

Dua For Peace Of Mind And Heart

Peace is essential for a person. Be a man, a woman, a girl, a boy, rich, poor, boss, employee; even child needs restfulness of mind. Everything in the world can’t be perfect for us.

Therefore such things give rise to an also adds up, to the disturbance we feel. Furthermore, it keeps us from working with our best capacity and potential thus affecting our productivity. Here is a beautiful dua for peace of mind and heart. Use this and acquire staggering outcomes:

‘Yulad wa lam kul la elaahi makhadum zubaid sirtal lam ya waqeel suban-el-qabeet walle ahad shahazir walam qudam mukul batum khojema rukaiya mada-al-rasheef.’

The dua translates something like this, Hey merciful! Hey, the great Allah! I am your minion; you are my divine being. Please grant me tranquility in my mind and my heart. I make my devotions to you, and I have full faith in you. Accord me with peace.

You have to chant this dua each time you drink water. Water calms your body, your mind and acts as a catalyst in any tranquility need. When we chant this dua while drinking water, its effectiveness increases 12 times. You can also type this dua for sukoon in life, get it printed in bold and paste the paper in front of the place where you go to drink the water.

This dua for peace of mind and heart has served to very useful. Consequently, it calms almost every and any chaos in your life.

Dua For Happiness In Life

You could be very rich. might have expensive cars, luxury flats, and homes, all lavish clothes; you might have great food in all high-cost restaurants, etc. But all these things do not ensure your happiness. There are cases of people suicide when their lives are way better than many other people.

In contrast, there are so many people on this planet earth, whose life may not be perfect but they are happy. Being content is a virtue of mind and not abundance. If you even have to ask anything to god, pray for happiness than any worldly thing. And here is how you ask for it. Even spiritually also, there are ways to do things. And this is a way to ask for happiness. It is a dua for joy in life which you can use to pray to Allah.

‘Sarabateem khabadul rehman-al-nazeem ul’shafaqat naqeem madbadul shehnaz-e-yasir yaheel nalla wallad-wa-taheer ulla’mageed khadm-e-huzoor’

We can translate this dua in English something like this, Oh lord the great, I am your underling, you are my patrol. I have my total reliance on you. Deluge my life with happiness and abundance. You are great.

You will start experiencing results from day 1. This dua for happiness in life will slowly begin to feel your mind with content feelings about anything and everything you experience, have or do.

Thus, you start realizing that your confidence levels are rising, your self-esteem starts increasing even more. Because you don’t fear anything anymore. You indeed tend to be happy most of the times. Hence, no sorrow in life can snatch your peace from you.

Dua For Peace Of Soul

There is only one person that can grant you peace of soul and that is the creator of all, Allah! According to Islam, there is enormous importance to the afterlife. Our this life on earth is considered as a gate to the beautiful ocean and a long journey of afterlife.

And every Islamic follower would want his trip to be peaceful. They don’t want to get stuck in their way. So, our spiritual leaders have crafted a well-built technique to achieve that and to pray to God to help us with it. Thus, one way to attain it is through this dua for peace of soul.

‘Makhadeem sabarateem al’khaleed batul shakhazan ibaadat-e-bugair wahad ali wa’ahad shadab khatir shahanavan fitur’al’khaveeb ladhina an ghairil’

Translation of this dua in English can be as follows, O my lord, lay your grace upon me and confer a little peace to my soul who is dedicated to you. I find happiness in praying you. You will keep being my rescuer. Grant me tranquility.

This is the most beautiful dua you can use every find in Islamic literature. Above all, it has a profound meaning and chanting; this even once gives you a unique kind of a feeling. Imagine what would happen if you recite this regularly. No matter what happens in your life, your peace would be unaffected.

As a result, you would feel spiritual so much empowered. Love would flow towards everyone from you, in every situation. This dua for peace of soul doesn’t just fetch an order for your soul but also certainly change you as a person thoroughly.

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