Best Dua For Husband Success 5/5 (11)

Best Dua For Husband Success
Best Dua For Husband Success

Best Dua For Husband Success

Best Dua For Husband Success in business also provide you best result in husband job promotion. If your husband currently finding a good job then this dua is must for you.

Salma was a housewife residing in kalwa, near Thane. She was a pretty lady with one kid. Kid’s name was Tarzan. Her husband was working at a food corner stall just near their residence. His name was bismillah. There was not much of an income from that job. And it certainly was temporarily.

Best Dua For Husband Success
Best Dua For Husband Success

He used to work almost 12 hours a day, but still, he was not earning much from it. He was trying very hard to get a good job but was failing. Bismillah used to connect with customers that used to come to the food corner stall. Almost every regular customer was knowing bismillah personally now. He was a people person, but still, he was not getting any leads for a job.

Here at home, his child was about to enter school. And bismillah had in his mind that he didn’t study much due to his parents’ financial condition, but he wishes to admit his kid the best school in the vicinity. Bismillah had realized he could not afford this much to spend on the academics of his kid. That is why getting a good job is a must. He has been searching for it since quite a long time but couldn’t get one.

Here Salma was concerned too. She went to molvi ji. She told her that her husband was working so hard, but still, he was falling to achieve success. He gave her the best dua for husband success. She started chanting it regularly. Soon best dua for husband success gave her results. Her husband had a raise in his salary.

Dua For A Good Job For My Husband

Bismillah was now earning decently. He felt that now he can afford the school fees for his kid. As the salary had increased, his workload had increased too. Sometimes bismillah had to stay late at the food corner. Sometimes he used to come back home after working 14 hours.

It started affecting his health adversely. He regularly used to have an upset stomach every once in a while. He also began facing issues about gastric problems. Bismillah also had developed a bulgy belly over some time. He used to get less sleep as well as less time for the family.  There was no work-life balance whatsoever. He always required to go to the doctor.

It also affected his mind. He earlier used to workout regularly now due to this work; he was hardly getting any time for it. And whatever time he used to have in his hands, he needed sleep more than working out. His self-esteem started going down. His arms began shrinking, and belly started bulging out.

So even though things have got better in terms of finance, things were getting worse in time so health. That is why he needed a good desk job where the working house would be fixed and not much health struggle. So Salma again went to molvi ji and said I want dua for an excellent job for my husband. Now she tells everybody that now my husband got a good job because I chanted dua for an superb job for my husband. She was determined, and Allah blessed her.

Dua For Husband’s Success In Business

Now bismillah had landed in a decent company on a senior position based on his previous experience. He was a rapid learner, so he started knowing things at the company at a very faster rate. He was into business to business sales. So he had to learn the entire process about how things work.

Because it had a direct impact on his sales performance and conversion rate. And all his colleagues used to explain to him the stuff because he was the person who needed to know the things. He learned and implemented his knowledge and experience of his colleagues and started yielding astonishing results for his company.

While he was working in the company, he brought so many and diverse clients for the company. His colleagues got a chance to work on various industry clients.

His boss hired additional people because now they had more work to do. Because of him, the revenue of the company went up. So as soon he had understood an entire process, he started thinking of having his own company where he would hire people to execute the work, and he would bring the work in the company. He left the job and started working on his business idea.

He was struggling but due to some of the other reasons he was failing and days were passing. His saving was about to exhaust. So Salma said let’s use our spiritual power. She went to molvi ji and asked for dua for her husband’s success in business. Molvi ji gave her dua. Soon everything was set up, and bismillah started his business. Dua for husband’s success in business had worked perfectly.

Dua For Husband Job Promotion

Nagma was a cute lady living with her parents. She used to take private tuition of kids. Her parents started thinking of her marriage. They soon found a nice groom and nagma married with him. His was Akbar. Akbar was a very hard working guy. He used to sell credit cards at axis bank. Akbar was very particular about timing. He never got late to his work. Also, he never used to take any leaves.

He always used to complete his target of several credit cards sales. His bosses were always happy with his performances. It’s been almost a couple of years to him for working axis bank, but still, he never got a promotion. For nagma, this fact was shocking. As he always received applaud from his seniors, it meant that his work was commendable, but still, he never got promoted to the next level.

That is why nagma then went to molvi ji and told him everything told him how her husband was hardworking and used to get praise from higher authorities and still he never got a rise and a promotion, so molvi ji gave her dua for a husband job promotion. He got pleased. And got back to home. She started chanting this dua furiously every day.

Whenever she used to pray Allah through namaz, she used to use this dua to prompt that creator. She had full faith in Allah. She always believed that if you are working hard then you cha surely get that thing. Dua for husband job promotion worked, and husband suddenly got a promotion just the next month.

Dua For Bad Tempered Husband

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