Wazifa for Controlling Nafs 5/5 (18)

Wazifa for Controlling Nafs

Wazifa for Controlling Nafs

Wazifa for Controlling Nafs, We all are a victim of something. And that something can be our choices, our cravings and something which is out of all our control. Nafs is one such thing because most of the times we don’t control it but indeed controlled by it.

It is the very home of the evil in us and he who has got the command over his nafs, has got the control over the evil. The very evil in you brainwashes you or try to drag you away from the path of Allah through the nafs.

Wazifa for Controlling Nafs
Wazifa for Controlling Nafs

Nafs is an Arabic word which literally means self and usually equated with things like ego, desires and our free will which usually rides our decisions.  Most of the times we are fighting against ourselves and controlling of nafs is all about that fight. There are three stages of Nafs in Islam, which are namely:

  • Al nafs al amarra bil su meaning the one which is inclined towards the evil and here evil can be anything which pulls you away from Allah or his noble ways.
  • Al nafs al lawamma meaning the self-accusing soul. And this is the very stage where the struggle against one’s soul begins. Allah helps those who help themselves. To fight evil, first, you have to accept the evil in you.
  • Al nafs al-mutammana meaning the tranquil soul. In this, you struggle or crave for bodily or animalistic desire and it is usually the most difficult to overcome.

There is two kinds of people in this world, one whose nafs has overcome them and the other who have overcome or over powered their nafs and they are the one who is the closest to Allah.

Fighting any type of nafs is not at all an easy task and to do that one need to have an immense amount of self-control. Most of the things we end up doing in a day can be an act controlled by our nafs and this can be as simple as watching TV when one should be offering the namaz.

These days when we have advanced so much, round the clock we have become surrounded by the evils and objects of sins. All these things, make committing the sins all the easier and no matter how much you want to curb your desires, you fail constantly, like watching and doing what is prohibited in Islam, for example, watching a mahram man and woman or watching porn.

The best way to fight your nafs is to get all the awareness about Allah the subhana wa tala and automatically you will feel guided by him and find yourself on his way. To explain it in a better way I would like to quote a hadith here which is as follows:

Then my friend you are already half way through on the journey of forgiveness. Allah has the kindest of heart and he is ready to forgive you much before you ask for it. According to the scholars, there are five ways in which you can control your nafs:

  • Remember your sins and in that way, you will yourself not repeat them. Allah watches each and every action of yours, even when while you are doing the sin.
  • Remember the severity of the punishment given by the Allah the almighty for each and every sin of yours. As all your actions are accounted for and he gives the punishment here only.
  • Reflect on your weaknesses as no matter how strong you think you are you will not be able to bear the punishment Allah will give you. So it is better not to make him angry.
  • Think of the power of Allah the almighty and he can call you any time or summon you for your misdoings.
  • Think of the day of the judgment as it has to come for sure and how would you stand in front of him with all the load of the sins you have committed all your life.

In this way, you will yourself refrain from committing sins which are nothing but the doing of your nafs.

Wazifa for controlling Nafs:

  • After offering the Asr namaz, for 11 days,first recite the Durood Shareef and then recite“Ya Moakhiro” for 846 times daily, by reading Durood Shareef in the end as well.
  • Do this wazifa for 11 days continuously and you will Inshallah able to control your nafs and in case you still feel that you are not able to control your nafs, then repeat it for another 10 days, with absolute faith on Allah and on his powers. And, you will overpower your nafs definitely.

Dua for Nafs control:

“Allahumma aati Nafsi Taqwaaha Wazakkihaa Anta Khairu man zakkaha, Wa Anta Waliyyuha was Maulana” By reciting this you are asking Allah to bestow upon you the taqwa to control your nafs and provide a safeguard against all kind of evils. Only he can purify the nafs in the best way possible and he is the only merciful and forgiving and ask him to guard for now and forever.

If you resolve something in your heart, then there is no power in this world which can stop you from doing that. So at least try to control your nafs especially when it forces you to do evil acts. This way Allah tests you and if your resolve is strong, then inshallah you will succeed. Ameen.

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