Islamic Dua For Prosperity 5/5 (16)

Islamic Dua For Prosperity

Islamic Dua For Prosperity

Islamic Dua For Prosperity, Wealth and Prosperity are among the most sought after dua among people. And It has been the case ever since Mankind entered into a civilized society.

Islamic Dua For Prosperity
Islamic Dua For Prosperity

As society evolved, and the population increased, what was abundantly available got distributed such that many were left in poverty. This was never Allah’s plan, but the all-seeing Allah had seen this day coming and hence given us all a way to change our destiny by using the islamic dua for prosperity.

But more often than life situations, what really stops us from becoming wealthy and prosperous is our expectations. Most of us are not used to the idea of having wealth and luxury. We believe that no matter what we do, we will always remain in the same state of inadequacy. So, before we ask from Allah for his blessings, by making the islamic dua for prosperity, we must convince ourselves that we deserve the blessings. Our belief is what turns the fate around and recreates our reality.

Apart from the belief, what matters is the Intent as in what we intend to do with the wealth and good fortune. If our intentions are not in alignment of Allah’s way, it will never be fulfilled even if you dedicated to doing the this dua.

best dua for prosperity and success

Once you are prepared to receive wealth and luxury into your lives, you can turn to Allah and ask him for his blessings. And he will do so as long as you perform the islamic dua for prosperity with all your heart and sincerity.

Before you start with the this dua, it is also important to know that you must be a devout believer of Allah, for Allah’s way of granting a wish is never direct and often beyond human comprehension. Yet, for those who have invested their faith in Allah, can see the pattern in which Allah works in order to deliver us on our blessings.

The way Allah gives never direct yet it is always apt. Allah triggers a chain of events that leads to you getting everything you have asked for you. When you ask Allah for his blessings by way of performing the islamic dua for prosperity, you set things in motion that will end only when everything you asked for is delivered.

And as this transformation of life events takes place, you will constantly be reminded of Allah’s way. There will also be moments in life, where you will be tested to give up on your desire for immediate gain or gratification. And many of us stray when such temptations are offered to them, but those who steer away from sinning and breaking Allah’s rules, are eventually blessed with more wealth and prosperity than what one had asked for.


Remember the phrase that cleanliness leads to Godliness. Wealth and Prosperity always are attracted to a place that is clean and pure. So, it’s important to keep your home and workplace always clean and have a sign of 786. This will help keep your place free of negative energies. Additionally, you can regularly use islamic dua for prosperity to attract wealth and prosperity into your lives.

  1. To start this ritual, first, perform proper wuzu.
  2. Between your Maghrib and Ishaa prayers, chant the “yaa ghaniyyu”,1060 times.
  3. After the IshaSalaat, start with chanting, 100 times –



  1. Recite the following dua, 100 times to ask for Allah’s grace.




  1. Then go on to reciting the following dua, 100 times.


allaahummainnee as-alukarizqanwaasi-an t’ayyibban min rizqika


  1. Then after the Fajr prayer, chant the following dua, 100 times.


allaahulateefum bi-ibaadiheeyarzuqu may yashaaawahuwalqawiyyulazeez


  1. Finally, recite the following dua 1000 times before retiring to bed.




  1. Always remember to recite a verse from Durood-Shareef 11 times, before and after each session during the day.


Allah is a giver, and it’s his quintessential trait to “provide” forever. He created the world so he can have us to shower his love and blessings. So, when you make the islamic dua for prosperity, you are acting in accordance with his desire and he shall bless you with infinite wealth and prosperity.  You can also consult your religious priest or an Islamic Astrologer from your community to how to be in Allah’s grace all the time.

The Astrologer can take stock of your situation and current standing and plan a wazifa, dua or amal that can better help you achieve your desired goal. The Astrologer may even suggest you wearing a Taveez. Whichever option you choose, with the islamic dua for prosperity, there’s no looking back on a life of poverty and inadequacy.

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