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Dua for no Fighting between Husband and Wife

Dua for no Fighting between Husband and Wife

In Islam the union of two hearts is said to be the most pious one. Two people who come into the contract of marriage get bonded to each other for the rest of their lives and even in heaven. A house built out of a successful marriage, according to Allah is the abode of heaven on earth. As a happy married life leads to a heavy family which in turn leads to the happy society. When you look at a couple in your neighborhood or in your family, don’t you wonder how they can manage to be so happy, while there are so many ups and downs in your life. Believe me or not, grass always looks greener on the other side.

Authentic Dua for no Fighting between Husband and Wife

No matter what, how understanding and love gripped they seem, they all have troubles in their marriage lives. It is the very nature of a human to fight or get offended on little things. Spouses are just like best friends who can’t stay apart for a minute but at the same time cannot resist fighting too. Matches are made in heaven, if you are with him or her that means it was long been decided. No path of any journey is a smooth one. Every married couple faces hurdles. Spouses quarrel, fight over little things, shout at each other but, at times they cross limits over little things. A little matter becomes so big in no time that it permanently puts a dent on the hearts.

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Love and care in your relationship has to have a permanent place; without which you cannot go the long way. Fight but learn to resolve your issues on your own. Do not raise your voices that much that it goes outside your door and become a topic of people’s discussion. This will spoil the matter for the worse. And, if you think that this time things have gotten worse like never before, then it is your duty to work for it. You, both as couple have to work your way out towards each other. Allah has prescribed many conducts for a married couple and even shows them a way out in case of a fight.

Authentic Dua for no Fighting between Husband and Wife

If you are having problems with fighting between husband and wife, then this dua is for you. It has been proven to help many couples who were having difficulty getting along.

“O Allah, keep us safe from the Fitnah of women and the Fitnah of men.” – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

In-sha’Allah this dua will help to ease the tension between husband and wife, and allow for a more peaceful relationship.Allahumma inni as’aluka an taj`ala baynana fi qalbi hubbin wa rahmah, wa an taghfira lana ma sabarna, wa an taqabbala du`aana, wa an tuballighna siratan mustaqeemah. (O Allah! I ask You to place love and mercy between our hearts, and to forgive us for all of our sins, and to answer our prayers, and to guide us on the straight path.)” – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
As-salamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh (Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessingsof Allah).

Dua for no Fighting between Husband and Wife: There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see a husband and wife fighting. It is even more difficult when children are involved. If you are experiencing this type of situation in your marriage, then it is time to make a change. One way to help reduce the amount of fighting between husband and wife is to make dua for no fighting. This dua will help create an environment of peace and love between the two of you.

It is important to remember that dua is not a magic potion that will automatically fix all of your problems. However, it is a powerful tool that can help you overcome difficulties in your marriage. In order to make dua for no fighting effective,

In many Hadiths, it is mentioned that:

  • If anyone has to win a fight, let it be other because at times silence is better than a counter and it will definitely resolve your issue.
  • Never shout at each other unless the house is on fire.
  • Learn the heart of healthy criticism, tell each other’s mistake in a loving way and don’t humiliate each other.
  • Never bring up the past issues, it is gone and there is no point in repeating it now.
  • Try to Never neglect your partner for anybody.
  • Never sleep with an argument unresolved.
  • At least once in a day, show your love and gratitude to your partner.

Learn to apologize and admit your mistake, you ego is the creation of shaitaan and he will come definitely in your way. Don’t let him over power your emotions, your love towards your partner is bigger than that.

Dua for no Fighting between Husband and Wife
Dua for no Fighting between Husband and Wife

Dua for no fight between husband and wife:

Allah’s path is the peaceful path; if you walk on it you will definitely be able to keep the issues away. You cannot clap with a one hand, similarly if you want to resolve your issues then you both have to take the initiative as not always one can do all the compromises. Here are some duas to remove your fights.

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First Solution by Dua for no Fighting between Husband and Wife

To remove misunderstandings between husband and wife:

“Waal Kazimmenal Ghaizaa Waal Aafeena Aaaninaasi Wallaho Yohibbul Mohsinin”

Recite the above dua for a 100 times and blow it on a clean glass of water for three times. Drink this water in three sips and make your partner do the same. Continue it for 45 days and inshallah you both will stop fighting.

Second Way by Dua for no Fighting between Husband and Wife

  • First read Durood Shareef for 11 times.

          “Bismillahey alwassao jallaha jalaluhoo”

  • Now again read Durood Shareef for 11 times in the end.

Men are prescribed to perform 2 rakaat Nafil Namaaz both before leaving the house and after coming back.

Also, keep the Manzil book with you always and try to recite it daily and Inshallah Allah will fill your house with the positivity.

Dua is that tool through which you can find solution to any problem. And it comes for free; jokes apart, all you have to do is fill your heart with faith.

After every namaz, when you make dua make it a habit to recite,”Laa Hawla Wala Quwata Illah Billah” for 40 times, Inshallah all your wishes will be granted and Allah will show you a way forward in case, you hit a dead end.

Dua to keep the constant love between the Husband and Wife:

  • Recite for 786 times,”Bismilahir Rahmanir Raheem”
  • Blow it on the glass of water and make your spouse drink it.

You can also recite, “ Al Waddodo” or “Al Maaniu” as many times as you can in a day, these are the names of Allah and will always keep your relation filled with love and you both will become indispensable to each other.

When you both eat something sweet, wife can read Surah Muzammil for 41 times before serving the dish.

You can also read Surah Al- Jamuah after every Friday’s Namaz as it will help to remove tensions between you both.

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See there are so many things to rescue you from your troubles. Allah the Almighty has solution to all your problems. Reach out to him with all your true intention. Learn to forgive each other and let go on small faults. As a human being nobody is perfect, so is the same with your partner. Ignore those small blots and see the rosy picture. See those efforts which you both make for your partner. This is the only way to lead a happy married life. As a partner you have to think good for your husband or wife. Inshallah, Allah will resolve your tiny troubles and you will be together again smiling. Ameen.


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