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Wazifa for Son to Return Home Immediately

Wazifa for Son to Return Home Immediately

Wazifa For Son To Return Home Immediately, In Islam it is said that children are a gift of Allah and it is the never ending desire of every couple who are beginning to start a family or expecting a child. The true value of this humble gift of Allah are to those who are still deprived of this opportunity or lost their children for some reason. But, those who have them aren’t also truly happy.

Wazifa for Son to Return Home Immediately
Wazifa for Son to Return Home Immediately

Life doesn’t always have a smooth run and it jolts us from our dreams in an unexpected way. Every parent loves their child the most, the moment he or she enters their life, their life began to revolve around it. Conceiving mothers prays day and night to Allah for a healthy, obedient and a beautiful child.

And, when you happen to live in a society like India and especially in our community, the boy child is valued the most. People think it is a privilege to have a son. I have seen people going to any extent to have a male child and to be truthful you have done that to. But, unfortunately reality is harsh and Allah who has forbade us to make such divisions, who has made boy and the girl equal, finds ways to teach us lesson.

Wazifa for Son to Return Home Immediately

That son who is an apple of your eye, whom you have raised with sheer love, whom you have been spoiling since his birth, has left you. That son who was supposed to pull forward your family, support you in your old age is gone now. Reason can be any, it can be as little as an unfulfilled demand of getting a bike or a girl or he has been brainwashed by his wife and he has left you forever with his family.

And, now what is left is regret and tears. Allah has a tricky way to teach you lessons, but he has all the plans to put you out of this problem as well. Stop blaming yourself, you haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes love can be spoiling too and may be that was your only fault. You have been going to extreme to keep your son happy, to fulfil all his demands but may be that wasn’t enough.

Now, all you have to do is to pray to Allah to have your son back immediately and safely and most importantly as a changed person. He should be back to you as an obedient child and shouldn’t cause you more troubles. In all your namaz ask Allah to soften his heart towards you, make him realise all the sacrifices which you have done for him. Inshallah Allah will do that.

Wazifa For Son To Return Home Immediately

Qura’an is a book for our constant rescue from troubles and dua is that tool which we can put to work. Allah love those people who go to him to seek answers to all their questions. Who take Allah’s path to move out of the difficult times. He has your back, he has hold your hand and will never leave you no matter what.


“innal lazi faraza alaika alquraana laraadduka ilayaa maad, kul rabbi aalamu man jaaa bil hudaya waman huwafi zalalin mubeen”

The dua can be translated as “Indeed O’ Muhammad, he who has imposed upon you the Qur’an will take back you to the place of return. Say, my lord is most knowing of who brings guidance and who is in clear of error.”

Wazifa For Son To Return Home Immediately


  • Make a fresh ablution.
  • In the beginning, recite three times, Durood Shareef
  • Now, recite Surah Al Qausar for three times;
  • In the end recite once again for three times, Durood Shareef
  • Blow this dua on the food of your child or him while he is asleep
  • Perform this dua regularly and inshallah you will see the favourable results.

I know for you these are the difficult times, but Allah will end it soon. All you have to do is a genuine dua and have faith on him. In such situation there are many people around you who will give all sorts of ill and nonsense solution. Please don’t let such things fool you. They are just taking benefit of your desperation and taking you to the wrong path.

Allah will listen to you soon, just have a little patience. All the love you have given to your son will not go in vain. He will soon realise his mistakes and return to you very soon. Your children are like those investments which you do to gain their benefits in future. They should be your helping hand and not act as a pain in your neck.

There are many sons in the world who have acted as a feather in their parent’s cap. Our Prophet was indeed that son too, he is an example to the entire muslim community that how they should act and value their relations.

Wazifa for Son to Return Home Immediately

This is the moment to act practically, your son is kid and indeed not as mature as you are. You have seen the world more than him and you know there are evils outside. Your first concern here should be to safeguard him from all those outside trouble and pray to Allah day and night that he should come back to you safely. This is no time to use anger and if he feels threatened by you then he will move away more rather than coming back to you. This long gap between you and him have to be filled soon.

Wazifa For Son To Return Home Immediately

Try and understand what he exactly wants, take his point in consideration too. If he is stubborn that doesn’t mean you should act stubbornly too. This is the time to resolve issues and not to make them worse. And there is one more request, please treat your children equally, he has made boy and girl equal. I wish your son will return to you soon. May Allah pass you in this test. Ameen.

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