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Wazifa For Breaking Unwanted Engagement

Wazifa For Breaking Unwanted Engagement

Wazifa For Breaking Unwanted Engagement, An unwanted and imposed relation is like living in a cage, which we all want to escape. Many times, we take important decisions like marriage in a haste. We go about it in so much hurry that by the time we realize, it was a mistake. It is too late. Usually, families try to fix the relation by doing the engagement. The decision we make at one point doesn’t necessarily feel right at other.

The engagement now has become unwanted and you want to get out of it. But, it was way more easy to get in relation and more difficult to end it. Families and usually elders do not look at a broken engagement as a good sign. They find it as a good look. Think of it as a bad sign and advice to continue with it. The only thing which is important here is the intent. That reason for which you want to end the engagement.

wazifa for breaking engagement

You need to have a valid reason for it. You cannot go around breaking the relations without a cause. Hurting people’s sentiment can bring you undue trouble too. This will affect your image, next time when you go for making a relationship with any family. They will look at you with the suspicion. Will inquire about you and look for the obvious reasons for which you break the engagement. Therefore, it is important that you take great care before breaking the engagement.

Wazifa For Breaking Unwanted Engagement
Wazifa For Breaking Unwanted Engagement

The reasons for this can be many. You may not have done enough research about the family. And, now after the engagement, you may get to know things about them which are not right. Allah always prescribes people to be transparent before they are going to start a new relation. In our community, marriage doesn’t happen between the two people but between the two families.

wazifa for breaking someone engagement

Till the marriage does not happen, such relation remains as delicate as a thread. Even a little trouble or secret can break it. It is always good, to tell the truth in the first instance. When what you are hiding is told by someone else, then things become very difficult. As the family of the girl and the boy, it is your responsibility to tell everything. It is also your responsibility to know everything.

Whenever you go forward in making a bond, do your research well. Clear all your doubts. Ask all the question you need to ask. People hide things because of the fear of breaking the marriage. Most of the times we get to know the truth much later. When the marriage already happens and there is no turning back. But, if you get to know something about that family which is not right. And, only the engagement has happened then you have all the right to move out of it.

Wazifa For Breaking Unwanted Engagement

That is why in such matters it is always advised to go by the Sunnat way. The path recommended by Allah can never be wrong. We often tend to deviate from it and later we only have to pay the price. If you already have made the mistake and now you are facing the problems of it. Then don’t. you can and you should break away from that engagement if your reasons are valid.

But, if you are facing the difficulties in breaking it. Then you can always seek Allah’s help. First, you should try to resolve it in a practical manner. All the elders of the family should sit together and try to discuss the exact matter. There is always a way of communication. And, if you really think that ending it is the only solution, then I am sure they will understand your reasons. Try to have a have a smooth talk and don’t spoil the matters with the blame game.

Don’t hold them responsible for hiding things. What is done is done. No one can change it and if you do not want to keep the engagement is solely your decision. Try to put forward your part of the story and move out of it with the desired peace. There is no need to destroy each other images. This is will only entertain the people around you. And, give pleasure to your enemies. Above all this is not something which decent people like you should do.

So keep calm and handle this wisely. Pray to Allah to end this problem of yours. Ask him to mend this mistake and Inshallah he will. If even after all your efforts the family in front of you is not ready to break it. Then there is a bigger help given to you present in the Holy Quran.


There are many duas and Wazifas which you can do to break it. Firstly, do a legitimate dua to Allah so that he can show you the way out of it. Your intentions have to be right and shouldn’t be harming someone on purpose.

The procedure of the Wazifa:

  • After offering the Fajr Namaz, do the following things.
  • Read the Durood Shareef for thee 11 times.
  • Now recite the Surah Lahab for the 41 times.
  • Again recite the Durood Shareef for the 11 times.
  • Blow it on the two crystals of salt by thinking of the name of the two persons.
  • Do this procedure for the 21 days regularly, without leaving it for once.
  • Ask Allah to do the needful for you.

Wazifa For Breaking Unwanted Engagement

If Allah is willing and the decision you have made is right. Then Inshallah what you want will happen soon. You will get out of the troubling engagement. What could have been the biggest mistake of your life will get over? It will make things way too difficult. And the worst part is, your innocent daughter or son would have suffered the most.

May Allah will always guide your path and keep you out of all the troubles. He is there for you always. Seek his help in all your legitimate causes. Ameen.

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