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Surah Taha For Black Magic

Surah Taha For Black Magic

Surah Taha For Black Magic or wazifa to check is our services, here we will provide you ya qahhar to break black magic. Use our wazifa for protection from black magic.

Which Surah Taha Use For Black Magic?

Myths say that from ancient ages, there has been an infinite number of clash happened between good and evil. And unfortunately evil has won many times. So, it is justified to say that good and evil are both inside us. It is up to us whom we should let win.

Istikhara To Remove Black Magic

Islam believes that jinns have their separate world like ours. People, out of vengeance and rage, calls and brings them into our mortal world. This process is called black magic. People do this out of jealousy, anger, or revenge to harm a person physically, mentally, or sometimes both. This black magic, if done by an expert, can damage you in many aspects.

Surah Taha For Black Magic
Surah Taha For Black Magic

However, if we walk in the path of Islam, then we need not worry. Allah, the supreme creator, is great, and we should believe that in the end, he can’t let the evil win.

Manzil Dua For Black Magic

There is not any problem whose solution is not mentioned in the Holy Quran. To get rid of evil black magic, Surah Ta-ha can help you.


The above written is the Surah Ta Ha, verse 68-69. It says to fear not, verify it is thou who shall prevail and throw that which is in thy right hand, and it will swallow up all that they wrought for that they have wrought a sorcerers artifice. It will give you enough power and positivity to fight black magic.

Which Wazifa Use To Check Black Magic?

Wazifa To Check Black Magic, Well, Islam stands for peace. Allah has sent us in this world to spread his words for peace & love. But many people do not follow him and use dark force to harm people out of vengeance or jealousy.

However, black magic can destroy you as it can lead you to severe physical or mental illness and can even throw you into a financial crisis. So, it would help if you got out of the problem as quickly as you can.

But, it is a fact that most of the person could not realize that they have been affected by black magic. This rituals starts to act very slowly and shows no symptoms initially. When people realize it is way too late. Therefore, it is important to understand if someone has done some evil rituals on you or not.

It is said that to get to the root of the problem, and you need to know who has done this to you. Well, Islamic wazifa can help you in that case.

Sit in a peaceful place and recite Durood- e- ibraheemi 11 times and after that recite “YA ZAHIRU” 700 times. After that, again recite Durood- e- ibraheemi 11 times. Do this for 11 days continuously to know if you have an evil eye on you or not. You need to do this after your Fajr or Asr prayer.

Which Ya Qahhar Wazifa Use To Break Black Magic?

Ya Qahhar Wazifa To Break Black Magic, Proverb says that the light of a small lamp is enough to drive away the darkness of the night. Similarly, reciting the creator, Allah’s name can help us escape from the toughest of situations. If you are in any problem, pray to him as he will show you the correct path.

Ya Qahhar is a dua which, if recited properly with a pure heart full of belief in him, can drive away all your problem in the smallest bit of time. It means the ever dominating, and prevailing, irresistible Allah have mercy on his sons. He is the one who can get us rid of all problems, as we are his sons and thus praying to him.

Black magic is a dark ritual often used to harm a certain person physically or mentally. The person may be a close one of the victim, maybe a relative or a close friend, whom the victim might not be aware of. This black magic can damage your situation and can break you from the root. To get rid of the situation, Ya Qahhar Wazifa can help you. You need to follow the steps.

YA Qahharu YA Qahharu

Recite this for 66 times to get rid of all problems in your life. It has a very good impact on evil eyes and drives away all the negative impacts of your life. You are reciting 100 times after Fajr salah to overcome your enemy. Repeat frequently to get inner peace.

Which Wazifa Use For Protection From Black Magic?

Wazifa For Protection From Black Magic, Demonic forces, when used to succeed, a dark ritual becomes more vulnerable. The witchcraft performer, who casts the spell of black magic, thus makes them work as it has a facility to hide the person’s name. It is very hard for the victim to know who is behind these. So, one must try to drive away the demonic forces once he gets to know that he is a victim.

However, Islam has a solution for all problems & in these cases, three Quls can ward off the demonic effects of black magic. Do the following steps.

Firstly recite Sura-An-Nas, Sura- Al-Falaq, Sa’id-Al-Khudri. After that, take two bottles of olive oil, two jars of honey &kalonji powder and 30 bottles of water.

After that, recite Darood&Sura Fatiha for 21 times each. Then recite Ayat Al Qursi for 11 times. Then again, Darood, &Sura Fatiha for 21 times each. You have to blow in each of the bottles after every aayat. It will take 3-4 hours.

After all these, rub your whole body & hair with this oil. Then after Fajr namaz, take a spoon of honey and mix one spoon of Kalonzi powder with it. Add water and drink this. The victim should do the ritual except infant/ mentally unstable.

This will cast away all the negative forces from you. After knowing the person behind this, keep a safe distance from them & don’t react unless necessary.

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Manzil Dua For Black Magic

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