Surah For Going Abroad 4.9/5 (10)

Surah For Going Abroad

Surah For Going Abroad

Surah For Going Abroad or wazifa to travel abroad can be use for shifting abroad. If you want to settle abroad with family then use our wazifa to settle abroad with family for going abroad.

Everyone has a dream to visit abroad ones in their life; many of them want to settle over there and earn stable income per year, which would fulfill their basic needs. However, it is not possible for every person as either it requires a lot of effort or good luck.

Surah For Going Abroad
Surah For Going Abroad

We all have a friend or relative who resides abroad country or going to visit over there. Here we start to envy them as they can afford the expense of elsewhere. In contrast, you are not able to collect a particular amount to visit overseas.

People have different plans for abroad some want to go overseas for further studies, to find a suitable job to bear all the expenses of their family and save from it as well, to visit the country, to explore more about the state and its culture.

Hence it shows that every other person has a different motive, different perspective to visit abroad. It all stops for a single reason, which is a common one as well, Money. Yes, everyone has a budget issue until you are bill gates or Ambani.

This is the primary concern of every person. Therefore, it is necessary to collect a certain amount of money in your savings then only you would able to visit abroad

Abroad costs your pocket a massive shock because it is far from your country due to which flight tickets get the increase. In some particular countries’ currency, it is also high such as the USA, Europe, UK, etc, So use our Surah For Going Abroad.

Wazifa To Travel Abroad

Wazifa To Travel Abroad, Nowadays, traveling becomes accessible and a shared passion because here, only a person would able to explore the world through his or her eyes.

Even come to know about the perspective and culture of other country citizens. This is obvious to understand if you are traveling to a different country.

Although we all know that it requires a considerable amount to visit abroad, nowadays, every other person can afford the package elsewhere. But somehow half of them could not make it possible due to the responsibilities on their shoulders.

As of now, many Indians start exploring different countries; once you open your Instagram account, you will find plenty of considerations that belong to travel bloggers.

These bloggers get paid for their trip and get the golden opportunity to explore the world. Here we envy them because we also want to wear their shoes and watch the world as a whole with our own eyes.

Isn’t it interesting that you get paid to travel the world and witness it with your own eyes? No, it is not unusual. It is fascinating, which increases the heart rate if every single person.

How To Use Wazifa To Travel Abroad ?

For those who have a dream in their eyes to visit abroad, we bring a solution for them. They will make their vision fulfill and give them unlimited happiness.

Recite following dua for 100 times in a day after every Namaz prayer:


Iftaah Lena Heyral Bab

Wazifa For Shifting Abroad

Wazifa For Shifting Abroad, We all have that one relative who resides elsewhere for any of the purposes, such as for education purposes, business purposes. It is their home country where they born and brought up.

In our language or our mind, shifting in any abroad country means becoming a high standard person. Showing the rich status or only for the showoff purpose. As many of the Indian mentality filled with the words that India is not a country to live, which is not valid.

Anyways, we are not here to create conflicts. We are here for the assistance of those who are looking for a way to shift in any abroad country.

Two main types of people shift to abroad ones Punjabi either they want to change in Canada or London. Second are Muslims who want to change in any of the developed gulf countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.

Many times, people suffer from the problems of delay in visa, rejection in permission, disapproval of loans, accommodation issues, and various other matters, which may break a person from inside.

How To Use Wazifa For Shifting Abroad?

People who want to shift themselves abroad, here we bring a solution for you, now you can quickly turn abroad without any issue. As our Allah has a solution for every problem. Therefore, you need to follow given below wazifa:

  • Make fresh wudu
  • Sit on the bank if flowing river
  • Recite following ayat:


MuffadderSullman Bab Urud

  • Carry grains along with you and feed it to begin.

Wazifa To Settle Abroad With Family

Wazifa To Settle Abroad With Family, In our life, we all get various opportunities where we can grab the chance of good luck to change our life. From where we may start our life from a new beginning. Besides this opportunity, many people neglect such a golden chance as they do not want to work hard in their life.

But many people are waiting for the chance where they will receive the golden call and invitation to get settled overseas. When we heard abroad, we start to think about the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Singapore. These are dream countries of any person.

But it is not possible that you would able to fulfill all your desires which you have planned. You need to work on it, then only you will get its positive result.

However, many people had the opportunity to live abroad from their company’s end. There arises another problem of separation from your family, which no one wants to do.

There we start to convince our seniors to support us and send our family along with us to get settled over there. Apart from job reasons, there are other circumstances when a person wants to reside abroad with their family, which is not possible.

How To USe Wazifa To Settle Abroad With Family?

All you need to perform following wazifa:

  • Make fresh wudu
  • Recite following words

YaMuftiiHall Abvab, Iftaahh

Lina Khair-al Bub

  • Then make dua to get settled in abroad with your family.

Dua To Be Famous And Wealthy

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