Secure Istikhara For Love Back in 21 Days 5/5 (3)

Secure Istikhara For Love Back in 21 Days

Istikhara For Love Back

Istikhara For Love Back or dua for someone you love can be use for one sided love. We will provide you istikhara for love problem. Dua Istikhara supports those couples who want to get married soon because of their love marriage. Do you want to marry someone you love? Do you love someone? However, you might not be liked by your parents or your lover’s parents as you face many problems in your love marriage.

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There are many other factors, but the thing is that you want to marry your love. Perform istikhara to solve all your problems for love marriage. You ask your beloved Allah’s permission before you do some istikhara with the person you love. Sometimes, even if we have, we do not understand the satisfying relationships we are in. We do not appreciate the other person and his personality.

Istikhara For Love Back
Istikhara For Love Back

We prefer to take it as a matter of habit. But we understand how much we miss the other person until we get separated. Suddenly, we will start to look for their quirks and friendships. Many people don’t know what is Istikhar, and it is to “Seeking the Almighty God’s goodness.” When anyone does istikhara, they obtain the response from Allah directly, and it doesn’t matter how hard it may be.

Secure Istikhara For Love Back in 21 Days All Steps

  • Never forget to perform all the Namaz
  • Then sit down on a mat
  • Perform this method during the night before you go to bed
  • recite Durood Shareef 5 times.
  • After that, recite Surah Fatiha 5 times.
  • Now take a picture of you and your lover and a white cloth
  • Keep it together on top of each other, roll the photo, and tie it with a thread or band.
  • Now cover it with a green piece of cloth.
  • Keep it under your pillow, and before going to sleep, think about your happy times with your loved one.
  • After this process, recite “Ya Wadooo” for 500 times

Trust that this process works 101% sure and will bring back your loved one. Never worry that they may leave you. Trust in Allah almighty while doing this procedure is very much Vital.

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Istikhara Dua For Someone You Love

Istikhara Dua For Someone You Love, Love is an awesome experience. It also offers people the ability to love and live a life that doesn’t seem to breathe through life. There’s nothing wrong with you if you want to win back your love. Suppose you have separated or broke up with your love in recent times.  And if you feel that you are alone and need a person to love you back and take care of you.

Then you can do this Istikhara dua for someone you love.  It will solve the problem and your needs in no time. You can do istikhara for anyone you love so that you can ask Allah to lead you in the best way. Allah will then direct the person you love to the right direction and thus make the right decision. God is sure to point them towards the things that help them through dreams or other simple indications.

Istikhara Dua For Someone You Love in 4 Steps

  1. Firstly, sit in a place that no one disturbs you
  2. Then recite durood Shareef 11 times.
  3. After that recite for 650 times “abar zimah korem parehi bleth zeitgeist wunder opeh salem zakeri”
  4. For the final time, say only thrice, “Ya Hameedu Tahmatta Bil Hamde Wal Hamdu Fi.”

You should request to Allah after this and go to bed. Sleep facing the kiblah. You have to do this for 27 days within the period you will get the person you love. This works magically when you do this without skipping even for a single day. Women must skip this process for three days during the monthly cycle.

Istikhara For One Sided Love

Istikhara For One Sided Love, Do you know one-sided love will make you upset and create stress? But the person you love does not know that you love them. And you are very scared to tell them that you love the person more. Then you can do this Istikhara for one sided love.  This istikara will act like a powerful magic source and change the person and make them attracted towards you. If you want to get back your boyfriend then use wazifa for boyfriend love back.

As you know, one-sided love is not the proper way to love someone. It is harmful to our physical and emotional health. So, if you don’t get over this dilemma as soon as possible, you risk ruining your whole life.

Step by Steps Istikhara For One Sided Love

  • First of all, make fresh wuzu
  • Wear neat and clean white cloth
  • Then sit down on a mat
  • Read Charo kul for 15 times
  • Now write the person you love on the piece of paper
  • With a red pen and light a white candle
  • Now read Chapter 109 of Surah Al-Kafiroon
  • Recite Chapter 112 of Surah Al-Ikhlas.
  • Now blow on the paper and burn the paper
  • Collect the ashes and blow the ashes to mix with the air.

This method will create magic and change the person’s mind you want them to attract and love you. Do this process three times, starting on Sunday night. Remember to do this at the same time of the three days. And when you blow this, think in your mind that it must reach the person you love.

Istikhara For Love Problem

Istikhara For Love Problem, In life, the issue of love always remains. Wherever there is love, there is also a struggle. The problem of love continues even after marriage. The husband or wife lover’s love nature varies over time. They dedicate their entire lives to one another’s love. However, some weaknesses and issues end up feeling unloved by one another.  They create a split in the relationship. To solve such an issue, do Istikhara for love problem.

Islamic Istikhara For Love Problem Solution in 21 Days

  • Take a lemon
  • Read surah shams 11 times
  • after that, read surahfathiha for seven times
  • write the name of the person in a paper and cut the lemon into four pieces like a flower and
  • fold the paper and keep it inside the lemon and bury it in front of the house while praying to Allah your love problem must be solved. The person must return to you. Within 21 days, it will be solved.

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