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Dua To Reduce Someone Anger
Dua To Reduce Someone Anger

Dua To Reduce Someone Anger

Dua To Reduce Someone Anger or remove anger from husband can be use to control anger of wife. You can also use dua to calm someone anger using our strong wazifa.

Nowadays people become short temper. Humans get frustrated on small things, and in their frustration, they try to harm others, which can lead to the consequences of murder, acid attacks, theft, looting, spoiling lives, etc. Even it is difficult to stay calm because humans are getting worse, they change their behavior at any time, they change their colors faster than chameleons.


Dua To Reduce Someone Anger
Dua To Reduce Someone Anger

Anger described as a dangerous emotion in a human being. Violence cannot only destroy any other human being life, but it can also spoil your life as well. A human who can control his or her anger, he or she can control anything, any nerves, any emotion, and desire. Even the person can control his/her mind, soul, and heart too.

But the question comes into our mind: how can a human control his anger? Anger is the most common & dangerous emotion, which rises in a human. Not only in human, but other species also have this anger name emotion such as animals, birds, fishes, etc.

The first and most straightforward way to control your anger is Patience. Yes, you heard it right patience, it might get difficult for you to make your patience level, but it is the most comfortable & effective way to control your anger.

As it said, “Have Patience,” so yes, keep your patience along with you before you commit any heinous crime. There are some tips in Islam by which you can control your anger, and those known are dua.

Dua To Remove Anger From Husband

Dua To Remove Anger From Husband, Bond with husband depends upon you whether you are close to him or apart from him with a distance. It depends on you how you maintain your relationship and bond with your husband.

We are not giving you the responsibility of maintaining a proper relationship with your husband, but you both have to sacrifice, take steps towards each other. Then only your relation becomes equalized.

Many times some worst or lousy situation and ambiance created between a couple. These scenarios considered as bad times of couples because no one knows the conclusions. Sometimes a small word can lead to colossal destruction such a divorce, separation, murder, theft, false reports, etc.

This incident happens due to the anger, frustration between a couple. This anger also leads to domestic violence where a woman or wife get suffered. For a woman, it is a low time of her life. She loses her strength, dignity, power.

The user feels weak and fragile from the inside; she is not able to raise her voice because he taught not to raise voice in front of her husband, at the time of his anger.

  • How to remove the anger of husband?

In Islam, there are some dua, Wazifa, ayat; namaz has described by which a person can reduce his anger to zero. Quran has a solution for every problem. But to get the answer of that dua, you need to become a proper Muslim who do all the five times prayer.

Bismillaahhir Rahman Nir Raheem.”

“In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful”


Dua To Control Anger Of Wife

Dua To Control Anger Of Wife, Have you ever heard? My wife is angry with me. Yes, it is a widespread phrase from every other married man. Anger is one of the roots of every problem. The irritation destroys many lives.

But what happens when a wife is angry? Well, it complicated to answer. We don’t suppose that we need to solve this question because all the married men recognize the solution to this question better than us.

But still, we will let you know what are the consequences when a wife gets angry. She does not do any household work; she does not cook food; does not talk to you; she taunts you at every second, and so on. These are some small consequences which a wife do when she gets angry. But what are the significant implications that a wife does when she is angry?

If there are some sweet persons exist on this earth then definitely there are smart too. Sometimes, the anger leads to the destruction of lives such as she left you behind for no reason, she will take divorce from you, try to sue you in false cases and if it is more then she tries to kill you.

  • How to remove your wife anger?

Well if you feel afraid after knowing the consequences, then there is no big deal. We also suggest you dua by which you can decrease the anger of your wife.


Read “Durood Sharif” for at least 11 times in a day. Move to Chapter 16 of the holy book Quran and then read ayat no.39 for at least 500 times in a single row. After finish reading the Dua blow it over your wife.

Dua To Calm Someone Anger

Dua To Calm Someone Anger, Anger is a natural emotion. You cannot get from it. Either you will able to control it or you will able to lose your patience. Please keep your patience inside you. Otherwise, you caught into any wrong deed or any heinous crime. Word anger, it must use a short word, but it is has a considerable impact on humans, not only on humans but on every other species.

The age group between (15 to 35) is the angriest ones. These age group people have warm blood inside because they see the world for the very first time; they take their worst experience for the very first time.

Other age groups also have anger inside them, but at that time, either they do not have potential energy in them, or they never mind what other people are doing to them. Any person can get frustrated, but it is up to the human how they react, how they control. Some have patience; some of them does not have.

  • How to calm the frustration of the persons?

In the holy book Quran, there are various dua, namaz, Wazifa, ayat has written. Read it and get free from your anger or make calm down any other person. We are going to tell you some of those dua, Wazifa, ayat, namaz, by which you can reduce the anger of your own or someone else.

  • YaAyyoHalladina ‘AmanoosTanooBissabrWassalat Inna Lillaha Massa Bereen”
  • AuzuBil Allah Min Al Shaitan Al Rajeem.

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