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Dua To Look Younger

Dua To Look Younger

Dua To Look Younger use to get noor on face, our dua use for beauty and glowing skin. If you want to get a fair complexion then use our prophetic dua and look like a young always.

Every person, whether young, adult, older, men or women want to look very beautiful and more youthful at every stage of life. Every person wishes to look so much beauty in each step that the shadow of old age did not come onto his/her face.

Dua To Look Younger
Dua To Look Younger

Men and women do lots of things to look younger and beautiful. They do regular exercises, go to the gym and make these things their habit in everyday life. They want to feel every time the strength of young and energetic people.

Feeling beautiful makes a person enjoyable, pleasurable and satisfied with his/her life. Humans possess two types so beauties one is hi/her internal beauty and other external. Inner beauty shows the softness of heat of a person. The person behaviour towards his/her religion and also character.

If internal beauty is functional, the person will feel its shine on their face. By external beauty, we mean how the person looks outside meant that how his personality is liked, how he/she appear in front of people. Is this person dull or is he/she tasty and healthy in his/her physical appearance.

Islam has not stopped or is stopping the women from beautifying herself. Islam has made clear rules and regulations for both men and women when, where and how to show their beauty.

To enhance you to look younger is not a crime in Islam. But there are some restrictions both on man and woman to beautify him or herself. Which should be kept in mind. To look younger than your age. Recite the below wazifa;

  • Read Durood-e-Shareef for three times.
  • Then “ Ya Nuuruu” 1000 times.
  • After this recite again Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Blow on your palms and move your palms on your whole body.
  • Do this amal consecutively for 21 days.

Insha Allah, You will start looking young soon.

Dua To Get Noor On Face

Dua To Get Noor On Face, As there is famous proverb “Face is the Index of mind”. Likewise, every person’s internal feeling; his intentions appear on his/her face. How the looks and his/her happiness is clearly shown on his/her face.

More shine and glow on the face of a person more attractive and younger he/she looks.  If a person is dull and lazy, it shows how sad a person is with his/her life. A dark and gloomy person cannot make any person happy.

A person with a glowing face makes every person happy. He showed his youthfulness. Impress every person from his society to his state to his country. He makes big achievements in his/her life. He never looks back and is hardworking and passionate.

If a person has a happy face, Allah also put his Rehmat on that person, and Allah likes such a person very much. And If your face is dull and you feel lazy every time from your face. So your face lacks glow and shine. Your face looks sad at all time. Noor is absent from your face. Then here is wazifa to increase the nor of your face;

  • First of all, Recite Durood-e-Shareef three times.
  • Recite Surah Lail for seven times.
  • Again Duroo-e-Shareef three times.
  • Blow this on your hands and move your hands on your whole body.

Note: women should not do this wazifa at the time of their periods and before starting this wazifa make fresh wadu. Make sure the place where you recite this wazifa is clean.

Prophetic Dua To Get A Fair Complexion

Prophetic Dua To Get A Fair Complexion, In today’s world, if a person is not appropriate, no one can look at him or even can talk to him. If a person is dark, he/she faces insult in all walks of life also in some Muslim communities.

Particularly the colour matters most for girls. If a girl does not look fair, he cannot be loved by anyone. Her married life can get distracted. She will not get a handsome and honest man for herself. She cannot get a good match for herself.

Because it is a most concerning factor in today’s societies. From several observations, it has been seen that parents also love a child who is fair and not dull in its looks. Every parent wants his/her child to be honest than any other person.

They make every possible attempt to see their boy or girl fair and handsome. Even pressure is put on the girls and boys at the time of marriage to look good and adopt shine on their face.

Using prophetic dua to get fair completion is best for those girls who find it difficult to get married because they do not look fair. They are dark in colour. Every person seems towards a fair complexion, whether girl or body.

A notion is on the mind of every person that if a person is fair in his/her looks, he/she is beautiful. People with dark or any other complexion than affair are looked down by other people. Immediately you cannot get the best results to get fair skin.

But you will calm down yourself and be patient then you will get long life fair complexion. You will get the best results from prophetic dua to get fair complexion. Hers is wazifa;

  • Perform fresh Wadu.
  • Recite Surah Adad for three times.
  • After this recite Surah-al-Imran for 107 times
  • Pray to Allah to give you a fair complexion.
  • Do this wazifa regularly without any fail.

In a short period. You will get fair complexion.

Dua For Beauty And Glowing Skin

Dua For Beauty And Glowing Skin, Having a naturally beautiful and glowing skin is a precious gift from Allah. So if a person is naturally beautiful, he/she should pray Allah to praise his glory what he had given to him more from others.

Pray to Allah to provide you with more and also do shukr to Allah every time. If you are not doing shukr of Allah in spite of beautiful and glowing skin, you can ask the price of this gift from those people who are not made beautiful from Allah.

There is not up to the mark of their society. They feel insulted at every place. They get down at every place in their community. If you or any other relative friend or your family member is not beautiful, and this/her skin is not glowing. Then do not worry here is wazifa for beauty and glowing skin;

  • Read Durood-e-shareef 11 times.
  • Recite Ayat number 4 of Surah Yousuf 313 times.
  • Recite again Durood-e- shareef 11 times and blow it on Olive Oil.
  • Do this activity for consecutively for 41 days and after that mix this oil with lemon juice. The quantity of both lemon juice and olive oil should be equal.
  • Apply this mixture on your face and all body parts.
  • Bath after 30 minutes of this applying.
  • At last, do this activity at least twice a week

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