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Dua To Attract Someone Towards You

Dua To Attract Someone Towards You

Dua To Attract Someone Towards You, In the ideal situation, in any relationship, both partners must love each other for the relationship to flourish and last long.

Dua To Attract Someone Towards You

But more often than not, some misunderstanding creeps in and the attraction to each other can diminish. If one of the partners still loves the other and wants to bring him/her back into the relationship.

there are dua to attract someone towards you. If you practice this sincerely, there is every hope that Allah will help you achieve your objective.

Multiple Times Recitation of Dua

  • Language: If the dua is a Quranic verse, then it must be recited in the original Arabic only. If you belong to a region where you follow Islam but you have no knowledge of Arabic, you must learn the dua from someone who is an expert.
  • Place, Day and Time: When a dua to attract someone to you is performed, there are recommendations on the day, time and place to perform the ritual. You should check with the expert advising you on these. In some cases, it is suggested on Tuesdays to have the influence of the planet Mars. In many others, it may be preferable to recite the dua before retiring to bed. Since you are seeking the intervention of Allah, you should sit facing the direction of the Kaaba Shareef for maximum effect
  • Personal Cleanliness: You must follow the basic requirements mentioned in Islam for saying prayers while performing the dua to attract someone to you also. These include keeping yourself clean, sitting in a clean place and so on
  • Other Inputs: While performing a dua or wazifa, there may be some items included in the process, like a piece of paper with the name of the person written on it or a photograph and some times candle or thread etc. Follow these perfectly for maximum results
  • Additional Surahs: Apart from the main dua to attract someone to you, the experts will recommend reciting some powerful surahs before and after the dua or wazifa is recited; follow those as well
  • Amal is Important: While doing all this, you have to implement the prescribed tenets of Islam related to your personal life; you should not tell lies; you must be honest in your business and similar dictates are critical if your dua has to have the desired effect
  • Confidentiality: And lastly, you must keep what you are doing just to yourself and not share it with anybody. Even your immediate circle of friends or relatives should not come to know of it

Dua to Attract Estranged Husband

A common situation faced by married women whether within the Islamic community or from outside, is when their husbands desert them for another woman or lose attraction for the married wife. In such cases, a dua to attract someone to you will be very effective.

You can recite this: ya Allah! I wish to receive the love of my husband back I am praying before you; please grant me my wish Allah!

As mentioned, you can have this translated to your mother tongue and follow the above-mentioned instructions clearly and then do it for three days beginning a Tuesday or a Thursday and you will see a dramatic change in the attitude of your husband towards you.

Dua to Attract a Boy

Love is blind, it is said. If you are a young girl, it is not unusual to fall in love with a boy you met somewhere and start wanting him. It should be pure love and you must feel for that boy, not just bodily lust. Lust is haram.

Dua To Attract Someone Towards You

But if you genuinely love a boy and find that he is yet to reciprocate the feeling for you, you can seek the help of God in changing the boy’s heart. That is when dua to attract someone towards you will work.

There are many ways of achieving this. But the best is to recite certain surahs prescribed in Islam for this purpose. These include the Surah mubaraka surah Iklass.

Surely, there may be other recommendations as well. Maybe you can try all of them one by one after leaving a gap of a few days to be sure which one has the best effect.

Recite this Surah multiple times, say up to 100 times and spend a few minutes bringing the picture of the boy you love in your mind’s eye and at the same time praying to Allah to have mercy and t bring about a change in the heart of the boy. Spell his name out and then beg to Allah to listen to your dua.

Seek Specialist’s Help

Not all young people are confident enough to understand these procedures and to strictly follow the dua rituals. Either they are afraid they will do something wrong or not sure if they can perform the dua at all.

In all such cases, the ideal recommendation is to seek the help of the experts in this field. Some may advertise while others may not do it. Islam itself prohibits astrology or soothsaying.

these experts use stuff from the Holy Quran and other spiritual texts only to offer relief and to that extent don’t violate any religious faith. Try to find the best and reliable one and your problem may be gone forever.

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