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Dua For Safe Pregnancy
Dua For Safe Pregnancy

Dua For Safe Pregnancy

Dua For Safe Pregnancy, Assalam Alaikum. First of congratulations for having a bun in the oven to you as well as your entire family. May Allah bless you with a healthy, cute and active baby. Our child is everything to us. We take care of it up to the most extent even since it has not born, which means, since the pregnancy itself.

Dua For Safe Pregnancy
Dua For Safe Pregnancy

The health of the mother is also essential and delicate during this period. Many health complications arise which could be sometimes fatal to the mother. It bears the risk of abnormalities in the fetus. After all, it is hazardous because the child’s entire life depends on it. Also, it is the family members who have to go through all the inconvenience due to the extra help the child would need.

Safe pregnancy is very important. There are many dua for safe pregnancy mentioned in Quran.  Here is one of that dua for a safe pregnancy. This was given by the prophet Muhammad in Quran 12:94,91.

Dua During Pregnancy Hadith

‘Al hushaiheri nibl munabi munabi hashr paigam illahi illahi musaffr ursh khadam elv batu shah mitabi kubl ushari maabn.’ Meaning, May Allah bless me with a good baby. Hey Allah! Give me labourless and happy motherhood. Keep my baby and me safe, away from all evil powers.

Till the 7th month, the mother has to pray every day. And while praying, she can recite this dua.  During the first month every Monday and Wednesday, recite the following dua for safe pregnancy:

‘Amlami ull hashar jalalla hum waa alik azwajina hublana min wa minal awwaleen jinn mukhtum churr hashn uss’ Meaning, Hey Allah! My baby is the luckiest because he has got someone like you as a protector. I have full faith in you and your blessings. You will take me through this time safely and easily.

While you recite this, blow on your stomach. Consume a sweet apple in the evening. On Wednesday, before lunch have Anar (pomegranate). While you pray your daily prayers, keep your hand on your tummy when you say ‘awwaleen’ and ‘mukhtum.’

Dua For Pregnancy Complications

During the second month recite this follow dua for a safe pregnancy. It was mentioned in the Quran in 74:92, 43.

‘Jimal urf safati alam be gishaab jamai so of aakhtareem sura al qard ya seen ai ikkhlas sura e saffat khurphat furqan dahar.’ Meaning, Hey Allah! Hey almighty! You are the most kind. You see everything. Bestow my child and me with your benediction. Make this journey beautiful and end well.

Every Thursday eat meat, red meat. Drink at least half liter milk every day. Make sure it is low-fat milk. It is better if you have honey along with the milk. Honey is beneficial for health.

Stop all great exercises in this month. Sprint, abs workouts, heavy weight lifting, Crossfit training, combat sports training, etc. you should start avoiding.

A couple was residing in Delhi. Who genuinely wanted a safe pregnancy. Some Molvi gave this dua to them to recite. The woman had a very happy pregnancy. Many women face hormonal imbalance, weird psychological phases, and stages, mood swings. She did not encounter anything intense of such sort.

Dua For Successful Pregnancy

Her birth labor, according to her was almost negligible. Father was so happy to see that his wife didn’t suffer much. They gave birth to a beautiful and cute baby girl. She says, everyone from their family, neighborhood, colleagues, friends praise and compliments to their baby. Mother and father feel very blessed and happy. Now the baby girl is a toddler. And they are enjoying happy parenthood.

But they did not forget the magic of the dua. They decided to do good for society too. They wanted to make this dua reach to maximum people possible. So that those people also can benefit from using it. So this couple posted on all social media channels as they can. I am reaching out to maximum people. Many people praised their generous efforts. The couple says they believe that they have to give back to society, so they did.

Here is another dua for safe pregnancy from Surah al-anbiya; 83:12.

‘Ibn rabbi waritheen fardaw innaka sami habli dhurriy mill udd du ibn la ellahi na naal millan suffat nabar nukhn ibahi jale alam chaine di ukrr Sufyan.’ Meaning, I never committed any sins. I am proud of myself, and hence I have faith in Allah. He will take care of my child and me throughout this time. May us get blessed with health and power.

Dua For Beautiful Baby While Pregnant

Recite this 108 times during a week. Also, write this dua 108 times in a diary. Always have a photo of the Quran or the Quran itself with you and in front of you. Always remember Allah.

There is no safe amount of caffeine or nicotine or alcohol you can consume during pregnancy. Even Allah can’t help you if you don’t follow specific rules. While pregnant, drink as much liquid diet foods as you can. Keep yourself from serious traveling. Eat your food on time. Don’t starve yourself much. You are putting yours as well as your baby’s health at risk. But also doesn’t mean that you should eat always. You are eating when hungry is still advisable.

Avoid eating raw vegetables and meat/fish. They could have harmful bacterias. Don’t forget that, along with your daily prayers and reciting dua, you should also opt for yoga. Lack of movement also is hazardous during this period. Avoid street food.

Benefits of Surah Inshiqaq During Pregnancy

It might not make you sick immediately, but it would consume your immunity power, which if you store could do much good to your health and body in a longer term. Also stay away from very spicy food, oily food and salty food like chips, etc. Eat green vegetables more. Also, make sure you keep the level of all the nutrition regular.

Along with all health tips given by medical practitioners, if use this dua, it can provide us with results multifold. God is great. We don’t have everything under control. He is the one who has all the powers. Your efforts would do much better if you have his blessings.

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