Dua For Rizq 5/5 (6)

Dua For Rizq
Dua For Rizq

Dua For Rizq

Dua For Rizq or for abundance in rizq can be use for barakah in rizq. Our Islamic Expert will provide you dua to increase rizq for solve your related problems.

Every person wants to have enough rizq to spend his life happily. Many people ask Allah to increase their rizq and ask Allah to favor them in their doings. Sometimes our duas to increase rizq brings immediate and sufficient results for us. But sometimes the dua took time to get the achievement for you.

Dua For Rizq
Dua For Rizq

Duas are the best means to increase our wealth. Those who believe in duas who know what dua can bring to them know that getting rizq using dua is a straightforward path towards Allah to increase one’s wealth and is also less stressful path. But others who do not believe on duas can lose their faith. So it is important for all people to think in duas.

There are several things which have been mentioned in the Quran and In Hadeeth due to which the rizq of the person reduces day by day. Some of these activities are people who commit sins their rizq is cut, people who do not believe in Qadir and did not say Alhadulliah for everything which their Allah had given them, do not make duas, do not have a fear of Allah, do not believe in Taqwa, etc.

All these situations and the like that reduce the wealth of a person. Irrespective of how much hard work he/she is doing did not yield any results if he/she is doing these things in his/her life. So to increase your wealth, you must believe in Allah and avoid yourself to go near these things mentioned above.

Here is dua to increase rizq;

At the time, When you have completed, the fajr nimaz recite this dua “ Allahumma Inni Asaluka Ilmann Nafann, Wa rizqan Taybann, Wa amlan Mutaqabbla.” Recite this dua every day after fajr nimaz. Insha Allah, Allah will increase your rizq.

Dua For Abundance In Rizq

Dua For Abundance In Rizq, Every family wants to live life with stability and having all the facilities of the world. It is the nature of human beings to ask and earn good things in life. So, to be wealthy and prosperous in life, it is better for every person to remain away from sins and corruption in their life.

Feeding your family and raising your children is a significant and difficult challenge in today’s world. As the head of our family, we want to give every member of our family a comfortable and luxurious life. You can ask Allah his blessing upon you so that your life would be soft and luxurious. So to increase the raziq, you need a dua to recite on. Here is a dua;

  • First of all, do a fresh wadu.
  • Now start the recitation of any verse of Durood-e- Shareef, 21 times.
  • Then recite the following dua 41 times consequently;

“ Subhanaah wabihamdihisubhan allahilazeem wabihamdhi astagfirullah”

  • Now recite another dua also;

Ya Allaho, Ya Allaho, Ya Allaho, Ya rabi, Ya rabi, Ya rabi, Ya Hayull Ya quyyum, Ya Zuljalal’ e wal ikraam, Asaluka be ismekal Azeem, eantuzuqni rizigan halaalan  tayyeban be’rehmatika ya rhaman rahemeen ya salwaat”

  • Last but least recite any verse of Durood-e-eShareef 21 times again.
  • Also, recite this dua throughout the day 1400 times;

“Ya Wahhabu”

Dua For Barakah In Rizq

Dua For Barakah In Rizq, Many people have enough money for their living. They have earned much money from their work; whether it is through their business, job, or any other profession, they have adopted. They calculate their profits before their occupation.

Their bank balances are high. With small expenditures in their life, they want to save more. Since they have a large amount of money. They do not find it enough to spend their life comfortably. Often, they feel this money is not significant to fulfill their dreams. Also, they have fear every time of being starving.

Barakah is a word that means in Arabic to gain more productivity and having more wealth on small resources.  Creating a significant business platform on a single start-up company, doing more work in a short span of life.

So that business will grow and generate more money with the blessings of Allah. Allah can give such barakah in a small amount of money and small business that you all offspring’s will get enough resources to live a comfortable and happy life.

Barakah is a hidden treasure, towards which people are looking and want to find it on time. Every person can gain barakah through hard work but not through illegal and corrupted ways of earning. People who complain that barakah is taken away from their money.

Earn money through wrong paths. That is why they do not find money enough to live their living. So, to have barakah in his rizq, it is necessary to avoid the illegal means of earning. Here is dua for barakah in rizq;

  • Recite this dua after every Farz nimaz;

“warzukkna Waiantt  Khairrur Raaziqeen.’

  • This ayat should be recited 114 times after every farz nimaz.

Insah Allah, Allah will give barakah to your rizq.

Dua To Increase Rizq

Dua To Increase Rizq, Wealth is a thing that every person wants to have and struggles to gain more of it. It has both advantages and disadvantages to have wealth and learn it. If a person acquires wealth for the sake of Allah, then it is good and remains a source of prosperity for him/her.

Allah says that people should work hard to earn and have a sufficient amount of wealth so that you do not spread your hands in front of others. You should make money and search for that kind of rizq that is legal in Islam and do not go near that rizq that is forbidden in Islam.

The wealth which has been acquired by the wrong means harms everything of person. Wealth earned from wicked ways left a person with stability in life.

He can live happily, and it also takes his peace of mind. If you have wealth and you see that your wealth is decreasing days by day. Then you should recite this dua to increase rizq. Perform this dua after every farz nimaz. This is a strong dua to increase rizq;

  • First of all, read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Now recite the below verse of the Quran;

“Ya Razzaqu tarzuqu man tashaa-oo bi ghair hisaab.”

  • Now again recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.

After a couple of days, you will see the results. You rizq will be increased, Insha Allah.

Dua For Ease In Financial Difficulties

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