Dua For Repentance Of Zina 5/5 (14)

Dua For Repentance Of Zina

Dua For Repentance Of Zina

Dua For Repentance Of Zina, The greatest of the evil in and around us is Zina.  Zina is the Islamic term for unlawful sexual intercourse. It has a broader definition and not just restricted to sexual penetration. There is Zina of the eye, of the ear, of the hand as with all these things we can do which is limited.

Zina is the ultimate haram. It is the first form of it and the most forbidden one. At some point in time, we all do fall in this trap. This is shaitan way of roping us in his ways. The acts of Zina are like a crime which will be punished sooner or later. Allah is aware of all the smallest actions which we do.

Even those acts which we can easily hide from the others. We all have a hidden part in us, which is evil enough — the darker side, which we cannot afford to show others. The sins we commit is on the darker side is all known to Allah.

Dua For Repentance Of Zina
Dua For Repentance Of Zina

If he has given us will then he has also given us the power to control it too. We all get attracted to sin. But, it is all lies in our ability to manage our acts. Our belief in Allah and his ways will never let us go on the wrong path. But, we tend to ramble, no matter what.

All the scholars duly say it, the one who has committed the Zina should seek repentance. Allah is the all-time forgiving. His love for us is beyond our imagination. Our faults are like hurdles in our way towards him — the one who has committed the Zina and vow not to repeat it.

Allah will readily forgive those who have sinned in ignorance. The repentance is a must. To reach out to him and show how much you mean your apology. Zina as a crime is grave. And it has serious implications. It has various forms, and there are many ways where the act is done.

dua for avoiding zina

Adultery and sexual acts are extreme forms of Zina. These are a morally wrong act which one do. These are absolute harams and should be refrained from. Our Nafs is the permanent abode of evil. The one who is controlled by his nafs will undoubtedly burn in hell.

There are many hadiths which have prescribed us the alternative route which doesn’t lead to the Zina. Allah prescribes to lower the gaze from what is not allowed to be seen. Do not talk dirty and do not do dirty actions. Maintain your integrity by refraining from touching your private parts.

The absolute self-control is the real key to fight the thoughts full of Zina. Earlier people were much away from these things as they are now. As we have progressed, we have become vulnerable to the things which lead us to Zina. In the age of Sexting and the porn, which are easily and freely available.

People are easily driven to all these things. Their accessibility has become more comfortable. You are just progressing towards your doom day. I firmly believe for all our actions here we are put to justice instantly.

dua for prevention of zina

Such is the power of Allah and such are his ways. Mistakes are an integral part of all our lives. Some are small, and others are big. We are not perfect, and we can never become one. No matter how hard one tries. But, for all our mistakes we can do the repentance.

Ask the Almighty to forgive us. According to the scholar, the one who has committed the zina should immediately mend his ways. Should forbid from such acts in the future and stay firm in his resolve. He is the true God. And, the only one is capable of kindness beyond the limits.

No matter what you do, he will accept you back. But, even after realizing your mistakes and doing repentance. You continue with your actions; then there is no way out. You will be punished, both in this world and after. Regret is the matter between you and Allah.

dua for protection from zina

If you know someone who has done Zina, then pray for them. Seek forgiveness from your side. If you are judging them, then you are doing them no right. Doesn’t Allah decide his believer who is you too? We all are accountable to the karma in our ways.

Your goodness will serve you in the time to come. And ill will hold you to account too. If you have done Zina, then your true remorse can only save you. Show him that you regret what you did. Apologize in your good dua.

In Namaz when every time you go to sajda, repent in tears. Convince the lord that you are genuinely sorry and Inshallah he will forgive you.

dua for staying away from zina

We repent after committing Zina. How good it would have been if we had stopped earlier. But, surely still there is hope. All you have to do is to stay truthful to yourself and the lord.


“Rabbi inner zalamtu nausea faghirlee innahoo laa yaghfirud Dunoobu illa Anta” meaning that Allah, I have wronged myself and thus save me. Probably no one can protect me from the consequences.

Apologize with all your heart. Realize it internally, deep down your heart. Your realization will complete the half journey of your forgiveness.

Allah is kind and so is his ways. Just don’t push him to the limits. Your sin is grave in this case. Stay away from it in the future. May what you seek, you will get soon. May Allah forgive you sooner. Ameen.

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