Dua for Nazar E Bad from Quran 5/5 (19)

Dua for Nazar E Bad from Quran

Dua for Nazar E Bad from Quran

Dua for Nazar E Bad from Quran

Nazar E-Bad can be literally translated as the evil eye. While growing up in India we all our aware of this as almost all the cultures have the concept of an evil eye. This is the very reason why mothers put a black mark on the newly born kids to protect them from an evil eye; our main gates have some special thing hanging to make our houses protected from the evil eyes of the strangers. In Islam too, Nazar E-Bad or Evil eye is acknowledged as there are various hadith supporting it.

As humans, we all have some vices and jealousy is one such vice. We all go for something which we do not have and if someone has it be our relatives or neighbors, we tend to develop a feeling of jealousy for them. Islam does not deny the existence of unworldly presence and there are many beings other than humans like angels, devils and Jinns and sometimes people get victimized by the evil eyes of the Jinns.

Dua for Nazar E Bad from Quran

Some people believe it and some do not. But, I believe protection is always better than the cure. I am not suggesting that you should go crazy about little things and become totally superstitious but, total neglect is also not something which I suggest. Remember, as the people of faith you should know that our religion is scientific in many ways, there are many things which can be explained practically, but there are certain things which cannot. And for those things you can always look for help in Qura’n and seek protection of Allah.

At times there are some unexplained things happens to you. You become ill suddenly and even after going to the doctors’ you are not able to recover. You suffer losses in your business out of nowhere or lose your old and established clients. Or, atmosphere in your house become negative and nothing seems to go right all these can be the signs of Nazar E-Bad. Where there is faith there is a way too. Those who are guided by Allah can never be misguided and he who seeks Allah’s protection will always be protected no matter what.

Dua for Nazar E Bad from Quran

Before going further, you should know that Islam does not approve of any innovative ritual. Such ritual or tantric activities are strictly forbidden in Islam. Now days there are many hoaxes that in the Name of Allah misguide people, target them and ask for money from them. You should no Allah’s way is the simplest way. He has a solution to all your problems and all you have to do is to ask, do your prayers regularly and make a sincere dua to him. He is the most merciful and will surely answer to your calls.

Dua for Nazar E Bad from Quran

Dua for Nazar E Bad from Quran


It is better before you compliment someone or praise or show your appreciation to add Mashallah which means “as God willed” and its exact meaning is what Allah wanted has happened. This is the most common Arabic phrase which you have been listening since your childhood, but it works the most and put the gods will at work.

There are many Hadith which says, “Our beloved Prophet (SAWS), used to seek protection for his grandsons, Al-Hasans and Al-Hussain with these following words:

“A’udhukuma bi Kalamatillahi tamah min kulli shaitanin wa hamatin wa min kulli ainin lamatin”

These words can be translated as I seek protection for through Allah’s perfect words from every Shaitaan, every poisonous pest and every evil eye. As mentioned in Hadith Bukhari, Ibrahim also sought protection for his sons with these same words.

In Islam evil eye is a fact; it is true so there is no point in doubting it. In Qur’an there are various remedies available for the protection from the evil eye. Stay regular with your Namaz and recite the 113th and 114th surahs of the Qura’n. These are Surah Falaq and Surah Naas, thses surah were used by our holy prophet as well.

When a person recites Surah Naas, He says, “I seek protection in the lord of Mankind, the sovereign, the god from the evil of the retreating whisperer and the Jinns”.

When you recite Surah Falaq,” you seek protection and refuge with the lord of the dawn (Allah) from the mischief of the created things, from the mischief of the darkness which overspreads and from the mischief of those who practice secret arts.

Recite these Surahs as many times as you can in a day, if you feel troubled by these things, Blow them on your family and kids and on your house and pray to Allah for his protection. Surely, nothing evil will be able to touch you or your family. Namaz and Dua are the paths to Allah and if you go on his path none of your calls will go unanswered. He knows it all, hence will keep you under his protection always.

Dua for Nazar E Bad from Quran

There is one thing which is also there for sure, who those who want the bad for the others can never do good for themselves. They won’t be able to live a happy life and if they do some evil ritual in order to cause harm to others, then they will be severely punished both in this life and afterlife. Islam considers that person as the embodiment of the evil and like the shaitaan was thrown out he will be too.

Shaitaan has vowed to misguide us all, to distract us from the holy path. He exists in us and outside us. By doing the evil things we are letting him overpowering us. But, you will be happy to know that you are the only one who can control it. What he fears the most is your faith in Allah, your connection with him. So for your every problem go to Allah, reach out to him and seek his help. He is the only truthful way. And also, live a simple life, don’t flaunt unnecessarily or exaggerate your wealth, such things creates enemies and cause you troubles. May Allah bless you always. Ameen.


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