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Dua For Health Problems

Dua For Health Problems

Dua For Health Problems or for health recovery can be use for good health for someone. You can also use our dua for parents health and long life for your complete family health problem solution.

“Noone can deny that “health is wealth.”There is no blessing more superior to good health. The man goes to lengths and spends a considerable amount of wealth to get his and his family’s health right.

But there is no better solution than the one which Allah and his prophet Muhammad S.A.W. showed. It is suggested to always take the help of (supplications) whenever a person faces any diseases or any hardships.

Dua For Health Problems
Dua For Health Problems

There is a supplication (dua) for everything, be it diseases, disorders, hardships, emotional well beings and lack of happiness and contentment in life. One must never shy away from asking Allah after all, and he has it all. And he loves to give.

We think of ourselves as evil human beings, but Allah loves to forgive us for our sins. We must continuously repent before him. As perHoly Quran, 2: 222, “Indeed Allah loves those who are constantly repentant.” Again, repentance creates healthy relations with the mighty, and that’s great news for your mental health.

With growing environmental problems, we are always faced by innumerable physical and mental health problems. Suicide is getting very common nowadays, the young and the old due to stress and anxiety.

We have listed down a few beautiful duas to help you achieve good health that is 100 percent effective. One must recite these duas with full trust in Allah as he is the curer of all diseases. He is no doubt called’ Shafi’ which means the curer.

Dua For Health Recovery

Dua For Health Recovery, To stay fit and in flawless health conditions, one must lead a healthy lifestyle. Islam encourages everyone to be grateful for the blessings of health, and one must take care of his body to prevent diseases.

A person should take the initiative to inspect and cure diseases faced by his or her body. A Muslim should treat himself in tandem with Islamic supplications (dua) and science and medicine. However, a Muslim should not treat disease as a way of punishment. Instead, it helps us get closer to our creator, and it washes away our sins.

Here we present you an effective dua for the recovery from ailments of the body and for good health overall. One must keep faith in Allah while reading it, as he is capable of getting rid of all diseases.

Hazrat Ayesha narrated that prophet Muhammad S.A.W use to recite this dua for good health and one’s well-being. (Tirmidhi)

“ Allaummaafini jasadiwaafini

basariwaj’alhulwarithaminna la elahaillallah;

Al halimulkarim,subhanallahirabbilarshilazim, walhamdulillahirabbila’lameen.”

Translation: Oh, Allah! Grant me health in my body; And grant me health in my sight; And make it the inheritor from me, We must worship to one almighty Allah, the forbearing, the generous, glory is to Allah, the Lord of the magnificent throne, and all the praises are due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists.

Dua For Good Health For Someone 

Dua For Good Health For Someone, A human being is created as one of the kindest species on earth. He has been blessed with various emotions, and that is the reason we feel pain, sadness, compassion, and love, even if it is not ourselves, we can sense other people’s feelings. Although, We tend to feel other peoples pain as much as we think ours.

Indeed, This way, we can promote gentle and polite behavior. It is a fascinating fact that there are hundreds of supplications in Islam, aimed for your family and loved ones, which mean you read for the upliftment of your near and dear ones. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W teaches us various supplications (dua) for preventing, curing, and lessening the pain and illness.

You must recite surah al Fatiha seven times and blow over the sick person for the healthy recovery of someone you witness in his or her illness. One of the powerful duas that prophet Muhammad S.A.W used to recite for the recovery of health when he saw someone sick:

*You need to place your right hand on the ill person’s body when reciting the following lines

Allahuma rabbi nasadhhabalba’sas, ashfeewaentashaee, la Shifa’ illashifa’ukashifa’ la yughadirusaqama.”

Translation: O Allah!! The sustainer of humanity, erase the illness, heal the disease. You are the only one who can cure; there is no cure except Your cure; grant us the healing that leaves no illness.

Dua For Parent’s Health And Long Life

Dua For Parent’s Health And Long Life, A wise person once said that we might not have asked for our parents, but our parents might have asked (God) for us.” No love is as pure as a parent’s love.

Whether the person is a child, in his youth or at the middle age of his life, he or she yearns to be with his parents. Every stage of life demands the presence of our parents. A people eternally wishes that his parents stay young and in good health forever. However, aging is a natural process that doesn’t allow an individual to remain blooming.

According to a hadith (Al-Tirmidhi-1277), “They (parents) are your Paradise and your Hell.” It is utmost important in Islam to treat your parents with great respect and care.

A person should commit his life in serving his parents and for their well-being. And he should always be kind to his parents. Besides, one should also pray for their betterment in this world and hereafter.

There are some duas for the parent’s health and long life. Below dua taken from the Holy Qur’an, from the Surah Al-Isra, Verse number 24.

Rabbir ham humakamarabbayanisagheera

“My Lord!! Have mercy upon them (parents) as they had mercy on me ( bring me up) when I was small.”

  • While reciting the above-mentioned supplications he/she should ensure that
  • Offerssalah five times a day.
  • He/She must pray with sincerity.
  • Should always seek repentance for his sins.
  • And, also not consuming haram.

Dua To Overcome Difficulties

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