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Ayat E Karima For Love Back

Ayat E Karima For Love Back

Ayat E Karima For Love Back or for husband can be use for love marriage. Get ayat e karima for hajat from our islamic expert to get your love back.

Karim in Arabic predominantly means a generous one. Allah is true, the ample of us all. He is the noblest when we land in trouble. When difficulties in our lives set us off, he is the one who strives the most. He is the one who loves us more than seventy mothers. Whenever his followers are amidst the darkness, he will show the light.

Ayat E Karima For Love Back
Ayat E Karima For Love Back

Ayat-e-Karima is like that light. It is like happiness in the heart of the sad. A torch of love where hatred resides. Like a pinch of joy, where there is sadness in hearts. According to a hadith, our beloved prophet said, through the words of the ayat. Allah will deliver anyone from his or her pain.

It can bring you back what is yours. What you legitimately deserve. Even if you want your lost love back. Once you lost your heart to someone. You always want that person to stay with you. But, life is unpredictable; it makes you forget what you desire the most. Ayat –e- Karima is a sent solution by Allah. You can read Ayat-e-karima for love back.


“La Illaha Illa Anta, Subhanaka,  Inni Kuntu Minazzalimeen”

It can be translated as, “There are none worthy of worship besides you. Glorified are you? Surely I am from among the wrongdoers”. You must know the meaning of what you recite. Be an aware musalman. Allah has provided the ultimate solution called Quran shareef. We must understand it well.

Ayate E Karima For Lost Love

Ayate E Karima For Lost Love, Love can be lost between any two people. Between a child and a parent. Two lovers can grow out of love. There is no loving bond left between the husband and the wife if that is the case. Where there becomes fundamentally essential to restore the lost love. Then Ayat-e-Karima is the best thing to do that.

Procedure To Perform The Ayate E Karima For Lost Love:

To begin with, first, you have to complete the Dua on any Friday night. It can be done as per your suitability.

  • Primarily, read the Durood Shareef for 11 times.
  • Now read the Ayat-e-karima for the 900 times.
  • Again before you end, recite the Durood Shareef for 11 times.
  • After completing the dua. Pray to Allah the almighty with all the desperation in your heart. Inshallah Allah will bring back your lost love. Be faithful always.

Ayat E Karima For Husband

Ayat E Karima For Husband, Life is the domain of constant suffering. It can turn hard on anyone at any time. But, to hold on no matter what is the key. If problems are going on in your marriage. There are grudges between you and your husband.

He is not listening to you. Prioritize all other things over you. Doesn’t listen to you anymore. Then don’t worry, Allah and his solutions are with you. No matter what.

The recitation of the Ayate-e-karima can put you through all your difficulties. To attract your husband back to you. The following procedure can be done.

The Procedure of The Ayat E Karima For Husband:

You must pray regularly. Allah should be aware of your suffering. As your constant reaching out to him. Pleases him the most. It is your continuous call to the mighty, which matters the most.

  • You can do this after any namaz, but once in a day.
  • Start with reciting the Durood shareef for the 11 times.
  • Now recite the Ayat-e-Karima for the 40 times.
  • Then again read the Durood Shareef, for the 11 times.

After completing it, pray to Allah that your husband comes back to you. His heart should get filled with love for you.

Ayat E Karima For Love Marriage

Ayat E Karima For Love Marriage, Love marriage is the most frowned upon the thing in our society though people are getting slowly used to it. If you love someone and want to get married to him, then keep your actions legitimate. Ask Allah the Almighty for his help. He will grant you your lover.

Through, this he will help you to convince each other’s family. Whatever hurdle you are facing, you will get free of them. Ayate-e-Karima is the broom to all the stones in your path.

The Procedure of Ayat E Karima For Love Marriage

The process of the wazifa is effortless. All you need is a real intent in your heart. After any Namaz, with genuine intentions. With love and respect for your lover in your heart. You can read the Ayate-e-karima, for the 125000 times, without any break. Inshallah Allah will listen to you. I will certainly grant you your wish.

If a boon was ever given in the Quran by Allah, the mighty, then it is this ayat and nothing else as the famous adage goes. Hazrat Yunus found himself in the belly of a fish. He asked Allah to grant him life. Grant him freedom from the precariousness of the event.

Ayat E Karima For Hajat

Ayat E Karima For Hajat, As I have already mentioned that it is the best gift. Bestowed upon us by Allah, the almighty. All Allah seeks is the purity of your heart.

You should be aware of the fact that he is the real know. If he grants things, he can take away them too. I wish whatever you desire must be right for you. If it is, may he give it to you in no time.

The Procedure of The Ayat E Karima For Hajat:

It is suggested that you should recite this only in wudu.

  • Start by reciting the Durood Shareef for the 11 times.
  • Be physically and mentally pure.
  • Then recite the Ayat-e-karima for the 1,00,000 times.
  • Now again, recite the Durood Shareef for the 11 times.

May he see the purity in your heart. Also, you should be offering mandatory prayers at the same time. Your good has to be good for others. Your hajat must do the ultimate product for you.

And, in the end, he is the best knower. He gives the best. At the right moment and at the right time. We pray that you receive what your intent is, diligently.

Ayatul Kursi Wazifa For Love

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